The Sports Betting Industry is Booming, and Fanalyze is Leading the Way


In 2018, a Supreme Court decision opened the door for sports betting across all 50 states – and although it has not been completely legalized across the country, in the four years since that decision, sports betting has exploded in the United States. A Goldman Sachs report published in April 2021 estimated that online sports betting will reach $39 billion in annual revenue within the next decade, an increase of over 3000% from today’s numbers. Millions of new users join online betting platforms each month, making mobile sports gaming one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative industries in America.

Sports betting is exploding faster than even experts could have imagined, which presents countless opportunities for gambling platforms and tech solutions to emerge in a largely untapped marketplace. For sports bettors seeking real-time updates and analysis from the largest major sports in the country, there is Fanalyze.

Fanalyze has immediately impacted the sports betting industry and is poised to become the breakout technology in the next year as more users discover its AI-powered technology. Led by co-founder and CEO Juan Juan, Fanalyze is positioned as “the Google of sports betting,” a powerful mobile app that delivers instant access to the most important sports analytics from MLB, NBA, and NFL.

Mobile sports betting has quickly surpassed retail sportsbooks (often found in Las Vegas casinos) as the preferred gambling method – especially for new users. Given the immediacy of mobile wagering and the proliferation of millions of data points across the internet, gamblers need a single access point where they can research players and teams, read expert analysis, study data metrics, and make highly informed decisions about the outcomes of games.

In the four years since the Supreme Court decision, information has been available online but scattered across countless websites and mobile apps. Without AI technology, there was no convenient and effective way for sports bettors to improve their decision-making skills. That is where Fanalyze is at its best. By aggregating the most important data from around the world (including real-time player updates, team news, and injury reports), Fanalyze organizes sports betting information and presents a clear view of possible outcomes.

For bettors, this means knowing which players to start or sit in a daily league – and which team has edge in a given game, based on historical trends and up-to-the-minute data. It is a unique tool conveniently available as a mobile app – and free to try for new users wanting to explore its capabilities.

For Juan, one of the main factors separating Fanalyze from other mobile sports betting apps is that they make it easy to access the right information at the right time. Because of their focus on developing search capabilities, they make it possible for any user to open the app and instantly determine which players and teams are the right picks for the day.

Another critical distinction of the Fanalyze app is access to prop bet analysis. Fanalyze conducted a focus group with sports bettors and discovered 66% of bets are on prop bets – for example, Matthew Stafford (+150) will throw for more than 290 yards in Super Bowl 2022. Fanalyze understands the need for prop bet analysis and has launched a beta app to offer prop bet analysis through search via text or voice. They have been testing this feature and plan to integrate it to the Fanalyze app in the near future.

“We make it as easy as possible for you to understand, with customizable preferences and graphs that show you ongoing trends, who’s hot, and who’s not,” Juan says. “It’s about having the right data on the platform, allowing you to choose and see that data instantly for what you want to analyze.”

As the sports betting industry continues to grow exponentially across the United States – and with several states including California set to join the market in the next year, there are no signs that growth will slow any time soon. Now that bettors have access to the predictive tools at Fanalyze, the experience of sports betting will not only increase over time – it will get better, too.

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