The Top 5 Netflix Shows Right Now for October

Now that we are on the home stretch of 2022, a lot of pretty amazing shows have aired on Netflix. From bone-chilling suspense genres to heart-wrenching dramas, here are the top five Netflix shows right now for October. 

Top 5 Netflix shows right now for October

1. The School for Good and Evil 

Watching a series that involves people getting assigned to either a good or a bad school is an interesting plot for a show. This Netflix series proves just that. The School for Good and Evil is about two best friends, Agatha and Sophie, who accidentally unravel the mystery behind where all the missing children end up going. 

The two young girls stumble upon two schools in which children are being trained to become fairy tale heroes or villains. 

This brings an entirely different take to the whole fairy-tale scene people are used to seeing. It also gives viewers a new perspective in regard to how fairytale villains come to life, and the same goes for the heroes. 

2. The Midnight Club

This thriller-genre series just got released at the most convenient time since Halloween is just around the corner. The Midnight Club is essentially the story of eight young people who are suffering from terminal illnesses and who live at the remote Brightcliffe Hospice. 

Once midnight hits, they all gather and tell creepy stories to each other in an attempt to spook one another. The strange thing about this hospice is that those who have entered never come out.

This is only the tip of the iceberg for the series, and the only way to unravel its mystery is by watching it in its entirety. 

3. Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story 

Disclaimer: We do not condone or ignore the fact that this show’s existence is insensitive and does not serve justice to the bereaved families of Dahmer’s victims. 

The critically acclaimed series of the month would have to be The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. However, it is one of those shows that receives a mix of emotions from its viewers. Sadly, there is no denying that it is one of the most viewed series on Netflix right now for October. 

Not much is to be said about this series other than it relives the gruesome and traumatic events that were committed by one of America’s most notorious serial killers—Jeffrey Dahmer. 

4. The Curse of Bridge Hollow 

Just in time for Halloween, a lighthearted comedy film called The Curse of Bridge Hollow is perfect for families to enjoy. The movie is basically about a father and daughter combo dealing with Halloween decorations that have been accidentally brought to life. 

5. The Crown 

The Crown is a show that reenacts and ultimately exposes the lives of those who are associated with the monarchy. Initially, the show was a hit upon its release back in 2016. 

Then it gradually lost its place in the Top 10 movies/series on Netflix. The Crown’s popularity goes up and down, but due to the recent passing of Her Majesty the Queen, the title once again reappears in the Top 10 shows on Netflix. 

So here you have them — the top 5 Netflix shows right now. Now grab some popcorn and chill!


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