The Top Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2023


Brandon Cockrell

Brandon Cockrell has over 17 years of experience in sales, marketing, and business development. He has helped large companies and corporations maximize their revenue growth. Brandon started his own business, Linchpin Sales Interactive, to help businesses that truly need and appreciate his services. He and his team are dedicated to helping their clients reach their goals and succeed in business. You can follow Brandon on IG or visit

Keith Ross Nelson

Keith Ross Nelson is a comedian and actor with over 30 years of experience. He has been featured on Entertainment Tonight and Comedy Time on Hulu. Keith’s movie “Mama said Come Home for Christmas” will be released on Christmas Day. He is also an accomplished athlete with 3 Masters High Jump National Championships and a record in his age group. He has a silver medal from the World Masters Championships and a 3rd degree black belt in Kung Fu.

Michael Womer

Michael Womer is a business strategist and entrepreneur who is the creator of Pride Business Strategy and MW Coaching. With a background in technology and marketing, he provides affordable business and marketing coaching and execution tools for startups and existing businesses. His team has managed marketing programs for professional sports organizations, apparel companies, personal development firms, politicians, luxury brands, national restaurant chains, law firms, technology companies, and many more. Michael’s team has saved business owners thousands of dollars by eliminating poorly managed “done for you” solutions.

Ken Gilliard

Ken Gilliard is a 32-year-old entrepreneur who is the president of Top Choice Lending & Gilliard Homes. At 23, Ken was the youngest Service Director for BMW North America before venturing into real estate. Since then, he has become a self-made millionaire with multiple successful businesses. As president, Ken’s time is dedicated to his family and his multiple 7-figure companies. His mission is to be a blessing to his clients and give his friends and family the opportunity he had. You can follow Ken on IG or visit his

Troy L Lair

Troy L Lair is the founder of Elite Accreditation Consultants, a healthcare consulting firm that specializes in helping healthcare professionals achieve accreditation for their businesses. The firm provides comprehensive solutions and personalized, tailored support to ensure successful accreditation outcomes and help clients navigate the complex regulatory landscape. Elite Accreditation Consultants’ professional products are for sale on their site:

Anyne Sykes

Anyne Sykes is the founder of The Dream CEO, an entrepreneurship platform that has inspired millions of people around the world. Anyne went from being a homeless foster kid to building million-dollar businesses before the age of 30. She has helped generate an estimated $3 million in revenue in 2022 and is developing a guaranteed income program for former foster youth in California. As a business consultant, she is dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs how to become successful business owners. Follow her on Instagram and visit

Pattie Freeman

Pattie Freeman is a board-certified hypnotherapist who is known as a sports mental guru. She has offices in California and Scottsdale, Arizona, and offers in-person, on-site, and remote sessions. Pattie helps clients with issues such as addiction, anxiety, and depression and has worked with actors, writers, and comedians in the entertainment industry. She has been featured on Discovery + Reasonable Doubt, ABC’s To Tell the Truth, and ESPN and is now taking new clients in LA. for more information.

Ronald Freeman Jr. (Ron)

Ronald Freeman Jr., also known as Ron, is a 22-year-old music tech entrepreneur and the founder of United Market, a tech-enabled A&R solution for musicians. Ron and his team at United Market have been able to remove the barrier to entry for musicians and give talented musicians at all stages the opportunity to succeed. They have serviced over 10,000 musicians in their beta since March 2022.


Markos, also known as Israel Mark, is a talented entrepreneur based in Trinidad & Tobago. At 17 years old, he started a marketing agency that helped brands grow their audience online and sell their products/services more efficiently. He is now the founder of Markos Global, a modern-day holding company building powerful enterprises in media, education, finance, and e-commerce. These ventures have earned him a multimillion-dollar net worth. Markos is known for creating social experiments that impact a large audience online. You can learn more about him at @askmarkos on Instagram.

Raun Shephard

Raun Shephard is a motivational speaker and coach who has inspired over 100,000 people with his podcast videos. Through his books, trainings, and coaching program, he has helped hundreds of people become the best version of themselves. Raun believes that personal growth leads to organizational growth and that success comes from combining timeless principles with current practices. Follow him on Instagram and visit his website

Dante Simpson

Dante Simpson is the CEO of ESPAT TV, a premium collaborative gaming content studio consisting of award-winning production studios led by the Ridley Scott Creative Group and creative teams from Zoic Studios, Petrol, Elite Edge Productions, and The Famous Group. He has overseen the growth and expansion of the company and provided production consultation to companies worldwide. ESPAT Studios has been a part of some of the most memorable moments in gaming culture, including the development and production of immersive experiences, mixed-reality, and trailers for notable gaming titles. You can follow him on LinkedIn and

TJ Woodward

TJ Woodward is a revolutionary recovery expert, inspirational speaker, and the creator of Conscious Recovery, a groundbreaking and effective approach to viewing and treating addiction. He is a featured thought leader on along with Brené Brown, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Gabor Maté, and Mark Lundholm, as well as a featured thought leader in the upcoming docu-series, Addiction Revealed, which will be released in early 2023. He is the author of three bestselling books and the co-author of their accompanying workbooks. Visit to learn more.

Gabrielle Solange

Gabrielle Solange is a top Billboard charting singer/songwriter/producer, author, influencer, TEDx speaker, and mixed-media artist who founded RunSong Productions. Her company hosts creative workshops that produce art and music with youth and young adults for schools and organizations. She is also a skilled vocal coach known for her viral singing tips on TikTok, which help singers at any stage to improve. Gabrielle has made commercials for well-known brands including Rock Star Energy and SmartSweets. With new music and a book on the way, we’re excited to see her succeed! Visit to get in touch.

Dr. John Ughulu

Dr. John Ughulu is a best-selling author, public speaker, and strategist. He is also the host of The Morale Booster Podcast. John has been featured on FOX, CBS, NBC, U.S Times, New York Business Now, HSBN TV, WATC TV, and other media outlets. He has a Ph.D. in entrepreneurship and a graduate certificate in leadership from the Harvard Business School. He was coached and mentored in the area of oratory by Les Brown. He speaks on leadership principles, mindset, entrepreneurship, and clinical research. He helps hundreds of people on a daily basis find their purpose. You can visit his website at

Coach Lynn

Coach Lynn is a certified Master Life/Executive Coach, producer, and host of The Coach Lynn Show, which has aired on ABC News Radio (KMET) worldwide for 18 years. Coach Lynn also offers podcasts and motivational coaching. Fortune and Forbes have featured her as one of the best Life Coaches in America. The prestigious Worldwide Association of Business Coaches named her “Business Coach of the Month” and she has received several accolades including “Game Changer” and “Pinnacle Professional of the Year” from Fortune Magazine, “Who’s Who in Business” and “Who’s Who in America,” and Global Influencer. Contact Coach Lynn for leadership coaching, business skills, careers, goal setting, self-esteem, life coaching, and small business coaching.

Carlos Ariel Then

Carlos Ariel Then is a professional, author, and entrepreneur with a degree in Applied Economics and International Relations from the University of Rhode Island. He specializes in coaching and empowering millennials and business owners to lead higher levels of financial aptitude, implement better money habits, and adopt positive mindsets. You can learn more about Carlos at

G Syier Hawkins Brown

G Syier Hawkins Brown is an American songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur with a combined worth of over $21 million based on his music publishing company ZOAH MUSIC HOUSE Publishing. The company owns the publishing rights to the song “Show Me Love” by Robin S, which was released in 1993 and co-written by Syier. In June 2022, the song was sampled by Beyoncé on her debut single “Break My Soul.” Syier’s LGBTQ entertainment company, Iconic Multi Media, has major distribution, and his partnership with global strategist Dr. Dan Ward has created a major influx in operational cash flow. Visit to learn more.

Philip F Smith

Philip F Smith is a serial entrepreneur who has sold four companies and made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies four times since 2018. He partnered with Kevin Harrington, an original Shark on the TV show Shark Tank, to boost his brand. Philip built into one of the largest lead generation networks for business loans and mortgages, and he is launching All In One in 2023, which automates the entire marketing funnel. provides done-for-you services to help anyone enter these industries. You can network with and learn from Philip at Philip F Smith.

Valerie Love

Valerie Love, also known as Rev. Val or KAISI, is the author of over 20 books on practical spirituality. She is the founder of The Magick of Love, Inc., a transformation company that creates radical, rapid, and permanent transformation for high-powered women in leadership through luxury global retreats in destinations such as Bali, Dubai, Sedona, Peru, Thailand, and Mexico’s Ancient Cities. Rev. Val’s transformation methods for clients include plant medicine, magick and occult practices, sacred sexuality, yoga, and mystical experiences. Visit and @valloveinspires to learn more.

Amanda Schonberg

Chef Amanda Schonberg is an online instructor who helps home bakers build profitable businesses. Through her online membership program, The Entrepreneur Community, her students have experienced great success, including $1K days as home-based bakers and triple their growth. Amanda is a micro-influencer who has worked with brands such as Facebook, Thinkific, and Wells Fargo. Follow her on Instagram and learn more at

Appalla Saikiran

SCOPE APP is a networking platform designed to facilitate opportunities for stakeholders in the global start-up ecosystem. It was created by Appalla Saikiran, a 19-year-old tech entrepreneur and is backed by some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley. Saikiran is among the top ten most successful young entrepreneurs in India, an international partner at WBAF representing India, and is considered a rising business magnate worth watching.

Blair Kaplan Venables

Blair Kaplan Venables is an expert in social media marketing and the president of Blair Kaplan Communications, a PR agency based in British Columbia. She has over 15 years and 35,000 hours of experience working with global wellness, entertainment, and lifestyle brands. Venables is an international bestselling author and has spoken on national stages, and her expertise has been featured in outlets such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Thrive Global. In her free time, she grows The Global Resilience Project’s online community, where users share their stories of overcoming life’s challenges. Visit to learn more.

Farrakhan Muhammad Ali

Farrakhan Muhammad Ali is building the largest sustainable live/work/farm community in the US. He is also the co-founder and CEO of several businesses that span retail, agriculture, land development, and the agribusiness sector. As a serial entrepreneur, his focus has been on helping people solve problems at scale through collaborative efforts. He has disrupted the land-based business space with revolutionary formulas and models that have proven successful. Follow him on Instagram and TikTok at @brotherfarrakhan.

Ricardo Guerrero

Ricardo Guerrero is a Los Angeles-based beautypreneur and the owner of Glowaholic Beauty, a genderless makeup brand. Established in 2020, Glowaholic Beauty has made an impact in the beauty industry by offering products that are genderless and enhance the inner power and beauty of all users. Visit or follow them on Instagram @glowaholicbeauty to learn more.

Chris Lee

Chris Lee is a California-based photographic and cinema company specializing in eclecticism as a visual aesthetic. Chris Lee, the founding proprietor of Chris Lee Studios, began documenting daily life during the height of the global pandemic. He believes that these images will serve as a time capsule for future generations. Contact Chris Lee at (310) 860-6061 or and @chris_lee_studios on Instagram.

Kat Alyst

Kat Alyst is an emerging artist who creates fictional worlds that share authentic narratives through stylized imagery. Color theory and synesthesia often play a role in the storylines portrayed. The subjects in her work invite viewers into their worlds, whether through direct gazes or more distant glances. The duration of the gaze becomes a reflection of the piece.

Christina Cooper

Christina Cooper is a television producer, movie director, actress, and self-published author. She is the CEO of Christina Cooper Productions (also known as Christina Cooper Films). You may recognize her from BET Network’s “South Central Love,” which she wrote, produced, and directed. She also plays Miko on the hit Emmy-nominated Netflix series “Dear White People.” Christina has recently created Cooper Cinema TV, a new television streaming platform that will reach over 5 million households worldwide. She has worked with networks such as BET, Netflix, Disney, and Peacock.

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