The Truth About Priscilla Presley’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

A successful businesswoman and actress, Priscilla Presley may be best known as the ex-wife of rock and roll icon Elvis Presley. Her business ventures include her own fragrance line and a clothing boutique that catered to the rich and famous. She also masterminded the transformation of Graceland into a renowned tourist attraction.

As an actress, she made a name for herself in both television and film. You may have seen her on shows like Dallas and Touched by an Angel or in the Naked Gun franchise.

However, fame comes at a cost. Presley’s fans know she’s been the subject of many unfounded rumors surrounding plastic surgery. She also suffered at the hands of an infamous phony cosmetic surgeon. It’s hard to sort out truth from fiction with so much speculation floating around. We decided to dig a little deeper to find out exactly how much (if any) plastic surgery Priscilla Presley has had done.

She Was The Victim Of Botched Injections In 2003

One procedure that has been confirmed is an injectable scam Presley fell victim to in 2003. A handsome Argentinian doctor, Daniel Serrano, captured the attention of many Hollywood A-listers by promising injections that were better than Botox.

Side by side photos of Priscilla Presley before and after her botched injections.
Priscilla Presley in 2002 before her botched injections and later in 2004 after falling victim to the scam (L: Photo provided by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, R: Photo provided by Mark Cieslikowski/Getty Images)

In reality, he injected low-grade industrial silicone into women’s (and some men’s) faces. This silicone was similar to the kind used to lubricate auto parts in Argentina, earning the unscrupulous Serrano the nickname “Dr. Jiffy Lube.” Costing between $300 and $500 each, the non-FDA approved injections left paralysis, lumps, and even holes in the skin of their victims.

Serrano, who wasn’t licensed to practice medicine in the United States, was convicted of smuggling drugs and the conspiracy and use of unapproved drugs.

She Has Been The Victim Of Countless Tabloid Rumors

Sadly, many unreliable sources have latched onto Priscilla Presley’s ordeal to spread plastic surgery rumors. Closer Weekly, the National Enquirer, and RadarOnline have all taken shots at the actress, speculating about what procedures she may have undergone.

The National Enquirer made unsubstantiated claims that Presley faced a “health crisis” as a result of the botched injections in December 2016. Quoting an unnamed “friend” who speculated that Presley was “overdoing it with all the plastic surgery,” the outlet mocked her appearance, claiming “she now looks positively skeletal, with sunken cheeks, grotesquely puckered lips and scarring on the sides of her mouth.”

It did not specifically discuss what plastic surgery Presley might have received other than Serrano’s scam, but it clearly implied that she was at fault for choosing cosmetic surgery. The outlet further claimed that these procedures had vague but devastating health consequences.

In July 2018, Closer Weekly published the opinions of plastic surgeons (none of whom actually treated Presley) that she received Botox and fillers and possibly even a rhinoplasty to maintain a youthful appearance.

RadarOnline quoted an unnamed source describing Presley as “a slave to surgery” and claiming that a skin cancer procedure had deepened her “plastic surgery obsession” in February 2019. According to this source, Presley had cancerous tissue removed from the bridge of her nose. Allegedly, she became “fixated” on covering up scars from that procedure, causing her to seek out plastic surgery.

RadarOnline further claimed that these procedures ruined her appearance. Personally, we think attacking someone for their appearance after they’ve received cancer treatment is a pretty low blow.

As recently as May 2022, the National Enquirer speculated that Presley’s plastic surgery history includes multiple face-lifts and laser treatments as well as lip and cheek fillers. It also cruelly asserted that her beauty was permanently marred by Serrano’s botched injections. The Enquirer included quotes from surgeons who haven’t worked with Presley to support these assertions.

None of the claims made by any of these outlets can be verified. All of them are based on unreliable or unnamed sources.

There Has Been No Confirmed Plastic Surgery

Beyond the botched fillers, Priscilla Presley has not confirmed any plastic surgery procedures. The sources claiming that she has are not trustworthy. None of the reports we’ve examined reference an authoritative or reliable source. Instead, they rely on the opinions of cosmetic surgeons who have never treated Presley or cite unnamed sources whose reliability cannot be confirmed. We cannot find any reason to believe these claims, especially given the outlets reporting don’t have a great track record.

Priscilla Presley as a young woman and in 2019
Presley in 1963 and 2019 (L: Photo provided by Michael Ochs Archive/Getty Images, R: Photo provided by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Instead, it seems far more likely that any changes in Presley’s appearance can be attributed to the aging process. We’re all getting older, and people’s faces do change as they age. In fact, we don’t think Presley looks much different than she did when she was younger. We hope we’re still as beautiful as she is at 77!

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