The Year That Gray Hair Went Mainstream For Women


2022 may go down in history as the year that gray hair went mainstream for women. From brides and silver sisters to silver hair extensions and aging in Hollywood, more women are now accepting their gray hair and choosing to go au naturel. Let’s take a look at a few stories from the past year of how women are embracing their silver locks.

Silver Hair Care Misting

Keeping graying locks soft and smooth can be a struggle. If you have graying hair, you’ve probably noticed that the texture is different from your other hair. It’s more brittle, prone to breakage, dry, and coarse.

However, with more people embracing their gray hues, there are plenty of tips and tricks to taking care of your hair. One trick is to mist your silver hair before styling. You can then apply products specifically for your gray locks that will keep them hydrated. Read more about misting your gray hair here.

Fired For Gray Hair

Just as women began embracing their natural hues in 2022, at least one woman was presumed to be fired for her gray hair. After 35 years on the job, Lisa LaFlamme, a Canadian news anchor, was let go because she let her hair go au naturel.

Many major news outlets speculated that the respected news anchor was fired because of her locks. The story garnered the attention of many on social media, including large international brands. Read the full story here.

Five Hispanic Silver Sister Influencers

In 2022, several women from the Hispanic community decided to slay the world with their graying hair. In fact, at least five of these women became silver sister influencers thanks to their silver locks. Learn more about the five women here.

Aging In Hollywood

The fountain of youth is a myth that has continued to stay on trend in Hollywood for decades. However, this year the myth was busted by many celebrities, including Sarah Jessica Parker and Andy Cohen.

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When the two stars were spotted at a dinner together, only Parker received any flack for her graying hair. The actress immediately spoke up about the double-standard. Thankfully, she received the support for her dinner date and many other celebrities. Read the entire story here.

Bride Embraces Gray Hair

While many women are concerned about looking older with silver locks, especially on their wedding day, one bride decided to go against tradition. Instead of dying her graying hair, she celebrated her big day with her gorgeous silver locks.

She took the internet by storm and proved to the world that silver is stunning! Read more about the exuberant bride here.

Silver Hair Extensions In Demand

You know that gray hair has gone mainstream when retailers are jumping on the bandwagon! In 2022, gray locks were in such high demand that women began opting for silver hair extensions. It’s a trend we can all get behind. Learn more about the high demand for silver hair extensions here.

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