There is More to Life: Experience Higher Levels with The Lighthouse Leadership Academy by Tara Oldridge


When we asked Founder Tara Oldridge for the minute elevator pitch that explains the life-transforming experience that is The Lighthouse Leadership Academy, her response was, “It could never take a minute. It’s a 100% transformation of your entire life. All of you, your past, your mind, your heart, comes forward and through this work, you are set free. Lighthouse utterly frees you from the grips that life can have on you: the shame, the limiting beliefs, broken marriages, drug addiction, even the belief that your life is too perfect to risk changing. It’s time to let go. Stop giving away your power. That is Lighthouse.”

Lighthouse is Oldridge’s transformational ecosystem that extends beyond the timeframe of the initial course and stays with you forever. Based on teachings from the 1970’s, Oldridge’s course differs in one significant way: It creates space for God to be glorified in the trainings.

The Lighthouse training room doors, while virtual now, are open to anyone. “Everyone gets to go,” Oldridge said. “We’re not catering to anyone specifically. There is no niche. We guide and empower those who may feel they have hit their rock bottom, those who feel stuck and overwhelmed, and those who are driven and ambitious entrepreneurs knowing they are meant for more — and anyone in between. We help them see what their next level is and achieve the breakthrough to get there.”

Oldridge has seen it all: women who have been trafficked come out of her training fully owning their power once more; men who have been physically, mentally, and emotionally abused experience vulnerability and freedom from anger. These men and women, through Lighthouse, are finally able to experience their power again, feel courageous, and know that they are children of God. From Pro Athletes and A-list celebrities to substance abusers, workaholics, or lost souls with seemingly perfect families and careers, Oldridge lights the way for anyone who is ready for the life God has created for them to live. Lighthouse Leadership gives them the space to learn they can make an impactful difference in this world.

Lighthouse Structure

The life-altering experience of Lighthouse contains three levels, which members graduate from separately. They include Activate, Accelerate, and Impact. The third, final level, Oldridge says, is the most concentrated of the trainings and isn’t for everyone.

“The level of leadership a student obtains will determine the likelihood of them moving forward  into Impact. It’s only for those who are seriously ready for service and radical change, by invitation only. It is for the true leaders that will shape our world and we spare no expense.”

Currently, the experience happens online, and Lighthouse 2 is coming up in 14 days at the time of this writing. Oldridge’s goal is to bring Lighthouse 3 back into the physical meeting space, a format that she was using pre-pandemic.

Oldridge described the room and its importance to the course, saying, “The room is stale, awkward, and unassuming, at first. There is nothing on the walls, the chairs are empty, in an arc. One might walk in and think, ‘Oh, this is boring, where are all the colors and flowers?’ while another person might enter and think, ‘This is so clean and peaceful, I can get some real thinking done in here.’ The point being, that’s all an interpretation. There are myriad ways to interpret every situation. That is the essence of what we do here. To take notice of how we interpret the world around us and seek the truth.”

Lighthouse: At Its Core

Oldridge explained that it is pointless to describe how to fully grasp the work they are doing, because it is unlike any other training offered now or ever. Our favorite verbiage she used to describe it lists as follows: ‘Lighthouse is a moment-by-moment, polarizing, shocking, experiential, safe, loving, powerful, intense, spiritual rollercoaster that glorifies God.’

Oldridge went on to say that “There is no other work out there like it, and while a version of  it has been around since the 70’s, our welcoming of God makes the biggest difference. There’s no other training center doing what we are doing and I figured out why: It’s BOLD. In other training rooms, it is safe to use the word ‘Universe’ and to skip over the very place these trainings originated from (The Bible)! Here at Lighthouse, we speak the truth.”

She’s right: The messaging of Lighthouse actually circumvents the original teachings from past decades and goes back to its roots in the Bible, roots the original founders were unaware existed or chose to ignore. Oldridge found, after working in other leadership centers, that every distinction and principle they were pulling from was easily referenced and duplicated from the scriptures. Oldridge went straight to the source and passionately expresses the love that God shows to her students if they are willing to listen.

Lighthouse is not a training. It is a life-altering experience, an honor and privilege to be part of the 4 to 5% of participants who get to transform their lives in this way.

Transformation Instance Stories

Some transformational quotes from past Lighthouse Leadership Academy participants include:

“I’ve got over my limiting beliefs, got over not trusting myself and not trusting others.”

“This has restored and renewed my life in a beautiful way.”

“It just keeps moving me.”

Anyone who knows there is more to life is right. And it starts with Lighthouse Leadership Academy.

About Tara Oldridge

Tara Oldridge, founder of the Lighthouse Leadership Academy, is a transformational visionary whose mission is to help people recognize their truth and answer their God-given calling to make a massive impact on the world. She is also the creator of Vision to Business, a 2-day workshop for women to build an impactful business they love, and host of The Smart Woman Show podcast. She has been featured in Forbes Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine. Learn more about the Lighthouse Leadership Academy here:

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