These 3 Zodiac Signs Are The Most Likely To Stab Someone In The Back

From the good to the bad to the ugly, the stars can spot our intentions from lightyears away. Regardless of the lies we choose to tell here on Earth, they’re practically transparent from the vantage point of the cosmos. 

As such, they can determine the likeliest to cheat or the least likely to follow the rules. The stars can also spot a backstabber before they even get a chance to wield their metaphorical knife. 

According to the stars, these three signs are the most likely to double-cross.

Libra: When Good Intentions Aren’t Enough

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We often associate Libra with fairness and equality, thanks to its Zodiac scales symbol. However, these cardinal air signs tend to be diplomatic to a fault. In their attempt to keep the peace, they forge even deeper divides. 

Libras are notoriously indecisive. They aren’t completely helpless—in fact, most are extremely independent. Still, they tend to soak up their environments like a sponge. They’ll start to regurgitate whatever their strongest influence is at any given moment. 

Consequently, they’re more likely to stab you in the back accidentally. Libras rarely act out of malice, but they struggle to realize their inaction can elicit the same results. To Libra’s credit, this also tends to be a self-destructive tendency. But that does little to take the sting away when it happens to someone else.

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Sagittarius: When There Are Better Prospects

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Sagittarius is the ambitious go-getter of the Zodiac. They live their lives as one giant to-do list—set a goal, achieve it, and repeat. Little can stand in the way of a determined Sag, and really, few people would want to. Being on a Sag’s good side can bring good fortune by way of proxy. 

However, one of Sag’s biggest downfalls is its stubborn will to succeed. This motivated individual will follow a better opportunity no matter what it has to drop in the process. Sag is all about the hustle, and they assume everyone else knows it’s not personal. 

Sometimes, a better opportunity doesn’t even have to come along. Sag is incredibly restless by nature. If they start to feel bored or trapped, then they’ll likely rebel in whatever way they can—even if it means hurting someone’s feelings.

Aquarius: When The Fancy Strikes Them

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Aquarius marches to the beat of their own drum, period. They refuse to oblige by anyone’s rules or expectations. In fact, the more they feel like they have to, the less likely they are to do it. Aquarius craves originality and, above all, freedom. 

When it comes to creativity and innovation, this is great! But not everything in life is one giant brainstorming session. Sometimes, life is boring—especially when it comes to long-term, committed relationships, both platonic and romantic. Powering through these mundane times makes the great, passionate ones so much sweeter. 

That’s a serious challenge for Aquarius, though. If they feel compelled to do, say, or support something, they will do it. Staying true to themselves is more important than considering the feelings of others.

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