These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Always Choose To Fight Dirty

The Zodiac reveals a great deal about us—from our most glowing external attributes to the darkest parts of our shadow self. Indeed, the stars reveal our best and worst tendencies, from our faithfulness to gullibility and everything in between. 

They also see through the complicated nuances of human conflict. Their revealing insight cuts through passive aggression and sidesteps manipulative maneuvers. Yep—they can see you fighting dirty from lightyears away. 

And, if given the option, these four Zodiac signs, in particular, will always send a shot below the belt.

Leo: The Backhanded Complimenter

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Leo doesn’t have the best reputation themself, but that doesn’t stop them from judging others. These proud signs hold themselves and those around them to incredibly high standards. So, when someone starts to threaten those benchmarks, Leo is quick to flash their claws.

Of course, reputation is still important to them. Taking this into account, Leo has to be mindful of how they address conflict. They choose a more passive, backhanded form of confrontation. Rather than making it obvious, Leo will choose to subtly undermine the object of their discontent. 

To Leo, the greatest injury is to their ego. They’ll try to inflict the same damage via backhanded compliments and passive-aggressive politeness.

Scorpio: The Silent Treatment

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Scorpio is naturally distant, which gives them a complicated, mysterious reputation that can be difficult to handle in a fight. Because Scorpio never lets their guard down, it can seem impossible to actually reach a resolution with them. By staying on defense no matter what, Scorpios inevitably draw out the conflict. 

Moreover, they tend to do so in a non-confrontational way. Scorpio is quick to withdraw affection and attention in the name of “conflict resolution.” While this is sometimes Scorpio’s way of protecting themself against getting hurt, it can also be a sly way to make the other party flounder.

Scorpio is fiercely loyal and, with the right people, a warm and open book. But get on their bad side, and Scorpio will never flash a smile your way again.

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Cancer: Barely Forgive, Never Forget

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Because Cancer is so sentimental and sensitive, their fighting style can be harder to detect. However, once you’re in the throes of a conflict with Cancer, it’s impossible to avoid. These moody signs are drawn to stability and have an excellent memory. One adverse side effect of that is never forgetting any previous fight—ever. 

When confronting Cancer, one must be prepared to rehash any number of previous conflicts first. Cancer will use past fights and wrongdoings to hyperbolize their current situation. Consequently, the other party can feel like they’re going in circles, never truly reaching any permanent resolution. 

Then, Cancer’s fighting style turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy. If they never forgive, they can find excuses to create even more grudges.

Sagittarius: It’s Not Personal?

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Sagittarius is a motivated go-getter. They prioritize principles over feelings, which leads to a swift ascent to success. However, this also means they have no problem stepping on other people’s toes for philosophy’s sake. Sagittarius will look you in the eye and say, “It’s not personal,” as they continue to disaffect you personally. 

In a way, this is one of the most hurtful fighting styles. Sag’s aloofness isn’t even emotional; it’s purely business. Their eyes are locked on the future. If they have to push some people to the side to continue on their path, then they’ll do so. 

Sag might not even realize what they’re doing until they reach their apex and realize they’re alone.

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