These Simple Copper Compression Arch Supports Actually Helped Stop My Plantar Fasciitis Pain

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There is no joking about foot pain, especially if you suffer from a specific condition such as plantar fasciitis. While there are many causes of foot pain, plantar fasciitis is one of the most common.

Several shoes and shoe inserts have been designed specifically for providing support and assisting in the relief of pain. Of course, you probably don’t want to replace your entire closet worth of shoes. And inserts can be bulky and may impact your ability to wear your favorite sandals, sneakers, or heels.

I recently discovered some amazing lightweight compression arch supports on Amazon that actually work—a miracle for someone that struggles with flat feet! They’re deemed to be among the top-selling pain relief products for foot pain. Plus, these Copper Compression arch supports work with pretty much any shoe! An overall win-win.

Maximum Copper Advantage

As one of the best supports available, Copper Compression arch supports are unique in that they’re both lightweight and low profile, providing a high level of comfort and durability for everyday use. I was able to wear the arch supports comfortably with any shoe. Thus, I was eager to wear them every day and heal quicker as a result. 

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As well as keeping my arch and foot comfortable, the copper-infused compression straps kept everything properly compressed. While the compression helped to relieve muscle strain and foot pain, the copper infusion kept the compression firm, but oh-so-comfortable! At last, I was able to walk pain-free.

Furthermore, I noticed that the copper helped maintain the longevity of the support and kept it feeling like new, even after throwing them in the wash. I’m absolutely loving the Copper Compression arch supports and consider them to be life-changing. I’m not sure how I managed without them. 

The Copper Compression Collection also features a wide array of active care products designed to address some of the toughest foot pain problems.

Specifically designed for nighttime use, the Copper Compression splint keeps your foot comfortably positioned, gently stretched, and secured. 

The Bunion Relief Sleeve is comfortable and infused with copper. As a result of the infused fabric and padding, you will receive optimal protection while simultaneously retaining a wide range of motion.

For optimum copper compression, use the Bunion Relief Toe Splint in conjunction with the Compression Bunion Relief Sleeve included in the Bunion Corrector and the Relief Kit.

Utilize Metatarsal Pads to provide much-needed relief on the balls of your feet from Morton’s neuroma, Metatarsalgia, arthritis, calluses, and corns.

No matter your foot aliment, Cooper Compression offers a wide range of functional products that work comfortably and discreetly with your favorite footwear. Say goodbye to “ouch” and hello to “ah.”

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