This 40+ Eyeshadow Hack Is An Easy Way To Create A Natural, Smoky Eye


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There is an undeniable power to makeup. The combination of the right products and techniques can not only enhance our features, but at times even transform them (a makeup facelift anyone?).

As we age, not only do we need to be cognizant of finding products for changing skin, but our technique needs to be tweaked as well.

In particular, our eyeshadow application is important to modify. For various reasons, the skin around the eyes begins to sag. To combat that, our eyeshadow needs to go a bit higher on the brow bone so it can be seen.

Kelly Gropp, a 40+ influencer, demonstrated an easy hack for this very problem using a humble spoon. Plus, if you have hooded eyes or are a novice at eyeshadow, this tip is a helpful trick too. 

While it might feel unnatural at first to apply eyeshadow so high on your brow bone, the point of the spoon technique is to help train yourself to do just that. Whatever color palette you choose to use, pick your medium-tone shade and gently follow the curve of the spoon with a fluffy eyeshadow brush.

To achieve a gradient, natural smoky look, Groop then applies a lighter shade in the inner corner of the eyelid (a great tip to help makes your eyes look wider and more awake), and a darker shade on the outside corner using the smaller end of her dual-sided eyeshadow brush. The size and density of the hairs on this brush make it easier to pack on the color just where you want it.

The trick to any eyeshadow look is all about blending, which Gropp demonstrates. Flipping back over to the fluffy end of her brush, she starts with small circular movements around the end corners and then sweeps the brush back and forth along the brow bone.

And that’s it! The final result is stunning but still natural. You could certainly follow up with eyeliner and of course, a generous swipe of mascara.

If you’re looking to achieve this look at home, we love this affordable dual-ended eyeshadow brush from JOAH and the cult-classic Urban Decay Naked2 Basics eyeshadow palette that features six neutral shades that look great on all skin tones (and is the perfect size for traveling).

Gropp ends the video by saying, “I love showing women over 40 how they can love their makeup again.” Make sure to give her a follow for tons of mature makeup tips.  


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