This Electrolyte-Packed Coffee Solves All Your Early Morning Needs


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If I had to choose between drinking only water or black coffee every day for the rest of my life, I would forgo all evolutionary instincts and opt for my daily cup(s) of joe. I’m only a little ashamed to admit that I will drink almost any coffee (burnt gas station variety included) to get my caffeine fix. 

Because I reach for my coffee mug more than my canteen throughout the day, I don’t boast the most impressive hydration levels. After my third cup of coffee, I’ll start to feel sluggish. My throat will feel sore and dry, and I’ll feel more anxious than alert. 

Still, I’d rather be awake and thirsty than dozing off at my desk. Luckily, VitaCup has created the perfect solution for coffee drinkers like myself—and maybe you, too.

Hydrating, Electrolyte-Infused Coffee

VitaCup’s Hydration Coffee is a revolutionary blend of medium-roast coffee, coconut water, Himalayan salt, and magnesium. Expertly crafted by roastmasters and dieticians, Hydration Coffee combines a smooth coffee flavor with the extra hydrating power of electrolytes. 

The added electrolytes help your body retain moisture, leaving you feeling less sluggish, irritable, and brain foggy by midday. This potent blend of natural ingredients also improves cell function, reduces muscle soreness, and maintains the body’s pH levels. 

I’ll be honest. Despite my very low standards, I usually draw the line at instant coffee. I would rather suffer through a month-long caffeine headache before gulping down a tangy, acrid instant brew. But VitaCup proved me wrong.

A Better Brew Than Expected

I was nervous about trying VitaCup’s coffee, plain and simple. As I stirred the powder into my cup and took my first sip, I actually winced, bracing myself for the worst. My mind changed so fast after that first taste that it almost got whiplash. It’s no exaggeration when I say I was utterly shocked.

There was no acrid tang, no powdery residue, no fake coffee flavor—just a smooth, mellow brew. It was strong enough to do the trick for a habitual coffee drinker like myself, but also wouldn’t be too much for an occasional drinker. It was perfectly middle of the road: all function and no fuss. 

I first tried VitaCup’s coffee in room temp water from the pitcher on my counter. It wasn’t great, but few room-temperature beverages are. After trying it ice cold, hot, with creamer, and without (my go-to), I was officially aboard the VitaCup bandwagon. 

The added electrolytes and water helped me stay clear-headed, alert, and noticeably not cranky throughout the day. (I can’t say the same about my cold brews with an extra espresso shot.) And while I didn’t notice a surplus of caffeinated energy, I also didn’t get a caffeine headache or feel groggy—so it must have been doing its job in that department, too.

Convenient, Tasty, And Beneficial

My morning coffee is a sacred routine at this point. VitaCup’s Instant Coffee Sticks give me a fresh-tasting brew no matter where I am. Whether traveling on the road, camping, or stuck at an AirBnb without a coffee pot (tragic), I can get my caffeine and hydration fix in one fell swoop. 

I’m a cynic at heart, so it takes a lot for a product to truly impress me. But VitaCup did just that, living up to its promises and then some. Hydration Coffee is the perfect solution for avid coffee drinkers who are trying not to shrivel up into a tiny coffee bean. But it’s also a wonderful option for casual drinkers who’d like an extra boost of energy without feeling parched. 

Now, if I were given the same choice between only water and coffee, I’d opt for the former this time. (I’d just make sure I had a lifetime supply of Hydration Coffee sticks, too.)

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