This Flight Attendant Swears By Travelpro For Durable, Functional Luggage

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Few things put a damper on a trip faster than luggage problems. Whether it’s a broken zipper, crooked wheel, or impossible-to-fix tears, these snafus can seriously affect your travel schedule (and your ability to not lose your cool in the airport). 

Unless you’re a regular traveler, the quality of your luggage probably isn’t a pressing issue in your mind. But you’ll certainly wish it was once you’re carrying a 40-pound suitcase like a handbag and repacking your clothes in front of all of La Guardia. 

Luckily, we can turn to the true travel experts–airline workers–for tips on what luggage is actually useful and durable. And according to viral TikToker and flight attendant Brenda Orelus, there’s only one luggage brand worth buying. 

TikToker @flightbae.b recently shared why she loves her go-to luggage brand, Travelpro, so much. “This luggage is amazing,” Orelus says. “They last for years. I’ve had mine for over five years.”

As Orelus strolls down the airport walkway, it appears as though she’s toting Travelpro’s Maxlite 5 Carry-On Rolling Duffel Bag. This small, carry-on-sized bag has a roomy interior compartment and a built-in accessory pocket. Its polyester fabric is stain-resistant with a water-repellant, DuraGuard coating. 

You can use this duffel bag as a rolling bag or stack it on top of other Travelpro staples like Orelus (more on those later). Thanks to its multiple carrying options and large storage capacity, this featherlight duffel bag is a great addition to any trip—long or short.

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Another great option for light travelers (or those with formalwear) is the Travelpro Platinum Elite Tri-Fold Garment Bag. This garment bag features padded roll bars that accommodate longer dresses and suits while guarding against wrinkles. 

Additionally, this versatile bag has dual-hanger hooks for easy access. This makes living out of your luggage at a hotel or Airbnb a breeze—plus, you can keep your luggage clean and safe off the floor. 

Travelpro kept the busy traveler in mind with an unobtrusive tear strap for easy luggage stacking. It also features quick-access front and rear pockets and a removable quart-sized wet pocket for toiletry storage. 

Orelus uses multiple Travelpro pieces while she travels, including what looks like the Maxlite 5 Softside Lightweight Suitcase. Not only does its super lightweight frame make traveling easier, but it also frees up space for more clothes, toiletries, and, most importantly, souvenirs.

This suitcase features water-resistant polyester fabric, high-performance ball-bearing wheels, and high-tensile strength zippers for long-lasting durability. It also expands up to 2 inches to maximize storage capacity even further. 

The Maxlite 5 Softside is available in eight colors to match your unique style. And according to @flightbae.b, these versatile cases also make “great impromptu seats in crowded airports. It’s honestly the best luggage for travel professionals.”

While the Maxlite’s biggest selling point is its lightweight frame, the Platinum Elite Softside Luggage’s biggest selling point is…everything else. Just when you thought you learned about all of this suitcase’s bells and whistles, there’s one more to discover.

The Platinum Elite has the same fabric, zippers, and wheels as the Maxlite 5. However, it also comes equipped with four self-aligning magnetic wheels that can roll in any direction. It also has an external USB port, dedicated power bank pocket, and a TSA-compliant, removable quart-sized wet pocket for toiletries. 

While it’s unlikely that this beast of a suitcase will ever bite the dust, accidents happen. Thankfully, the Platinum Elite is backed by a lifetime warranty that will cover the cost of repair for damage from an airline.

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If you’re more of a hard-shell luggage kind of traveler, Travelpro has got you covered, too. Its 2-Piece Hardside Expandable Luggage features incredible storage space, rugged durability, and an eight-wheel spinner set for maximum maneuverability.

This hard-wearing luggage set has 2-in-1 check-in size convertibility, making it perfect for trips of any length. Fit five to seven days of clothes when the suitcase isn’t expanded. Or, fit over a week’s worth of clothes by utilizing its 3-inch expansion option. 

Travelpro’s Hardside Luggage is carry-on and check-in sizer-bin tested. In addition, it has a TSA-approved lock that allows authorities safe access to your luggage without ruining your suitcase in the process. So, you can worry more about enjoying your travels and less about your luggage. 

When it comes to finding the best luggage, it’s best to take advice from seasoned professionals. Orelus didn’t share her love of Travelpro for a sponsorship deal—she did it because she believes in these hard-working, high-quality products. 

And if this luggage is good enough for the busiest of travel pros, it will easily meet your criteria for a late-summer vacay (and then some).

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