This Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Is The Best Present I’ve Ever Found

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A small humble brag: I’m a great gifter. Another, more unfortunate truth: that does not include Father’s Day. I’m not sure if it’s my own Pop’s no-frills attitude or my brain running out of ideas after decades of Father’s Days, but every year, I’m stumped. 

So, as any logical person would, I wait until the last minute to pick something out. (That makes the selection process easier, right?) I was afraid this year would be no different until my panic-scrolling through Amazon led me to a Grade A win. 

This all-around knockout gift is versatile, functional, and, most importantly, dad-approved.

A Portable Chair That Folds To The Size Of A Water Bottle

Lawn chairs are handy for a number of summer activities. From picnics to fishing trips to tailgating events, having a sturdy, comfortable chair is a must. But the size and weight of most portable chairs sometimes make lugging them around not worth the effort in the first place. Enter in the Helinox compact chair.

This revolutionary collapsible chair is made of a proprietary aluminum alloy that makes it featherlight, just over 2 pounds, despite being able to hold up to 320 pounds. The removable seat and carrying case are durable, UV-resistant polyester.

Helinox Chair One folded dimensions and weight

My dad has been an outdoorsman all his life, so his nature arsenal is all but stocked. As a Boy Scout, then an avid camper, then Scout troop leader, he has all the water bottles, tents, and (embarrassingly tall) hiking socks he needs. Yet his bulky old lawn chair has seen better days.

This compact chair serves a function for all of his outdoor adventures. It’s small enough to take on even a short hike, and he can take a quick break at a scenic overview or set up by a campfire. This portable seat is easy to throw into a backpack or clip onto a belt loop, meauring just 14 inches long.

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He also loves music and gardening, and this chair is great for those activites as well. My dad can take this chair along to outdoor concerts. Or, it can be nearby while he tends to his massive garden.

Despite how helpful and convenient a chair like this is, it isn’t something my dad would readily buy for himself. But I knew he would use it if he had it. 

Over 1,000 five-star ratings gave me high hopes for the Helinox Chair. While other brands of small portable chairs looked ill constructed and might lead to product breakage, Helinox is dedicated to top knotch quality.

“This chair amazes me every time I sit in it,” one happy reviewer wrote. “I have a bad back to the point where I needed surgery, and back support is essential when it comes to folding chairs and camping chairs.”

Another happy shopper echoed the sentiment. “First off let me start by saying, BUY THIS!…I am 6’3 and 270 pounds and I spent a lot of time searching for a lightweight, easily packable, compact chair that will support me and keep me comfortable and let me tell you after lots of searching I found it in this chair right here!”

Will I be able to top it next year? Who knows? But for now, I’m going to enjoy my rare Father’s Day gift-giving win. And thanks to Amazon Prime’s quick two-day shipping, you can, too.

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