This Millionaire Teen Is Obsessed With Making Money


Eth.Vlad, at only 18 years of age at the time of this writing, is making more money than any teenager could imagine. At the age of 14 Vlad was making minimum 5 figures monthly, known in his school as “the kid that’s obsessed with making money”.

Vlad sold one of his teachers a mentorship course he developed on how to achieve a 6 figure income, his teacher eventually quit teaching and began working with Vlad full time making 6 figures a year. Vlad recalls “ there were days where I would step out of class to hop on a call for $15,000 and then walk back in the class like nothing”. School was definitely a challenge for Vlad but as he continued to make his teachers salary weekly he eventually got through it.

He recently retired his older sister and has made his family stress free. Vlad hopefully sees his brand hitting 8 figures, he hopes to influence many other young entrepreneurs to want to become wealthy and help their family follow his footsteps as well.

From working in a fast food restaurant to shortly making 5 figures monthly at 14, Vlad is becoming a very promising and influential entrepreneur. His roster of 100+ mentorship students paying him $500/m are always amazed by his incredible work ethic and how he inspires them to be like him.

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