This One Simple Gadget Made My Long Distance Flight Actually Bearable


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Modern wireless technology has spoiled us so much in recent years. It’s gotten to the point that I’m struggling to remember a time when I couldn’t hop in my car and automatically listen to anything I wanted to through my stereo speakers with just the simple push of a button.

But not every device has Bluetooth, and not every situation can accommodate a wire-free lifestyle. As a frequent traveler, the first thing that comes to mind is long-distance flights. However, one simple gadget that I recently stumbled across has actually made numerous hours in an airplane bearable even without any special treatment from the flight attendents.

Enjoy Inflight Entertainment With Your Own Headphones

This simple gadget that I speak of (and am about to heap high praise upon) is the Twelve South AirFly Pro. What is this thing and how does it work, you ask? Well, this handy piece of tech is a Bluetooth adapter that serves as a link between wireless headphones and headphone jacks. And two people can use it at the same time!

Think of it this way: you are traveling on a plane with your significant other and you both want to watch the same movie (in sync) while using your respective AirPods. All you have to do is plug your Twelve South AirFly Pro into the 3.5 mm headphone jack and pair your AirPods to it. Voila! You have wirelessly connected your favorite headphones to the plane’s entertainment system.

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The other option would be to use this handy gadget to watch movies and TV shows with your travel partner on a laptop. And I promise you’ll get your money’s worth. On just a single charge, the Twelve South AirFly Pro gets 18 hours of use. This thing can handle a non-stop flight from Los Angeles to Sydney. Even if the battery is dead, it still works while charging!

Great On Land, Too

This device is the traveler’s best friend, no matter which form of transportation you are using. Because it’s also a receiver and not just a transmitter, the Twelve South AirFly Pro allows you to send audio from your iPhone to an older car stereo via the Aux In function.

This is also a great option when you have a rental car, instead of syncing your entire phone with the vehicle’s Bluetooth. It’s even great in the hotel room if you want to stay up and watch a show while your partner peacefully sleeps nearby.

Even if you’re not traveling, this handy gadget can still get a lot of use. Take it to the gym to wirelessly transmit audio from gym equipment, TVs, or any 3.5 mm audio jack. Kids can also use it with their portable gaming devices. AirFly Pro has a 33-foot reach so you can relax with plenty of space.

Just look at what this happy customer had to say: “Just returned from a European vacation and this little device worked like a charm! The sound cancellation worked really well on that horribly long 14-hour flight and I could hear the movie perfectly. Just buy it, it’s a must have,” the reviewer explained.

“One 17-hour flight, a layover of 2 hours, and then another 6-hour flight! And to my utter surprise, these delivered. Flawlessly… IMHO, this is a better investment than buying the extra legroom, so please do yourself a favor, and JUST GET IT.”

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