This TikTok Creator Shows How To Turn Tinsel Into ‘Stars’ On Your Tree


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Tinsel garland is a tried-and-true Christmas tree decoration, but it’s definitely divisive. Some people claim it’s tacky and maybe a little too retro—is there such a thing? But it is a relatively cheap decoration that can make your tree look sparkly and pretty.

I mean, it’s one of the oldest holiday trends we’ve got (we’re talking 1600s here), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add it to your tree. Could it use a bit of a makeover, though? The answer to that is a resounding yes! 

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A new hack shows how to update your garlands of tinsel into a fresh and modern look. It’s a unique take to be sure, but once again opinions are split: Some adore the look, while others are skeptical. We’d love to know—would you try this Christmas tree hack?

In a video that’s garnered more than 1.9 million views, TikTok creator Teana of @itstea____ showed how to create a “starburst” tinsel look instead of the traditional wrap-around-the-tree method.

Teana first twists a piece of tinsel around a branch, then takes a pair of scissors and clips off the end. Next, she fluffs out the strands and repeats the process sporadically throughout the tree.

Several commenters thought the process seemed longer than necessary, saying things like, “It’s so cute, but my patience could never.” But others were obsessed with the outcome. One commenter stated, “Aww it looks like little fireworks on the tree,” with which we have to agree.

If you want to get the look but are worried about waste, fret not. Teana claimed she only used three feet of tinsel garland to complete the look on her six-foot tree. So while this method isn’t reusable for real trees, it’s not super wasteful, and you could always use less than recommended.

However, another commenter pointed out a way to make the decorations more sustainable by gluing the tinsel “stars” to mini butterfly clips.

Even better, this tinsel garland comes in several different hues, so you can have a rainbow of stars/fireworks all over your tree!

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