This viral TikTok oil uses science to physically attract men or women to you


When you generally think of oil you think of something that you wear going out to make you smell nice. But this new oil does a whole lot more than that.

Introducing Pheromonie: the first oil to combine the amazing smell of your favorite name brand oil with pheromones, our bodies natural hormones which sexually arouse members of the same species.

Pheromones generally are only secreted when one member is extremely aroused by another member. And generally the other member can only notice the pheromones when the two are in very very close contact. Pheromonie strived to change that. “Why can’t we synthetically boost these pheromones, and put them into an oil ” the founders told me “this way you’d be able to get whatever guy or girl you want without even really trying.” The pheromones in Pheromonie are three times as strong as the pheromones your body naturally (only when extremely aroused) secretes.

This oil is reported to have taken over 2 years to develop. “I truly think it’s a game changer to love life” said one avid customer who chose to remain anonymous which I interviewed. “guys used to call me overweight, and now I put this on, go out and THEY come to ME. It was a complete 180.”

Pheromonie has been tested by over 80,000 customers. “Sometimes people are skeptical about it” said one of the founders, “I say one thing to them, you can’t tell me it doesn’t work if you don’t try it”.

Pheromonie is currently on sale from this link:

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