This Wearable Is Clinically Proven To Help Your Body Be More Resilient To Stress


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Stress is a certainty of life, especially when you are a woman in your 40s and 50s. Running a household, juggling the needs of kids and aging parents alike, and meeting deadlines at work are just a few of the myriad of things that can keep us feeling nervous, anxious, and stressed. Plus, there is the joy of navigating the physical and emotional changes we begin to experience at this age due to perimenopause and menopause.

When you are a woman who has a lot on her plate, that chronic stress takes its toll on everything in your life—mood, energy, productivity, sleep, and definitely relationships. And if you’re like me, you can climb into bed totally exhausted at the end of a stressful day but struggle to get to sleep because you can’t shut your mind off. Ugh.

While there are a lot of ways to destress, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to do. Scheduling time for mindfulness practices, deep breathing, and exercise is easier said than done. And there’s no magic pill to take that will make all of life’s stress go away.

There is, however, a device that can help you destress by giving you a nice hug all day long. Ladies, it’s 2022 and there’s a device for everything. Say hello to the Apollo™ Wearable.

How The Apollo Wearable Works

The Apollo™ Wearable is a device developed by physicians and neuroscientists that’s been described as “a wearable hug.”

It’s a way to improve your body’s resilience to stress, so you can “relax, sleep, focus, recover, and feel better.” Instead of a device that tracks your health, the Apollo™ Wearable is a device that’s been proven to actively improve it.

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Worn on your wrist, ankle, or clipped onto clothing, the Apollo™ Wearable sends silent vibrations to the nervous system. These soothing vibrations signal to the body that all is safe, which in turn helps turn off the physical and mental side effects caused by stress.

Have you ever experienced a bout of anxious energy, a pit in your stomach when your nerves rise, or feelings of “fight or flight” in a situation you know will turn out OK? These bodily mechanisms designed for survival aren’t always useful in our modern world. That’s where the Apollo™ Wearable comes in.

The Apollo™ Wearable device works over time to help your body become more resilient to stress. With consistent use, it can help rebalance and even strengthen the nervous system.

By helping your body to relax during times of stress, the results of using the Apollo™ Wearable include better quality sleep, improved focus, and general feelings of calm.

No Snake Oil Here, The Apollo Has The Science To Back It Up

The Apollo™ Wearable isn’t a health and fitness fad that you can find being sold by a celebrity from your childhood on a late-night infomercial. There’s actually been a number of university-based and independent clinical trials done on this device, and the findings in the research were quite telling.

One trial found that those who used the Apollo™ Wearable consistently—more than three hours per day, at least five days a week, and both during the day and at night over three months—saw major improvements in both their sleep quality and cardiovascular recovery. Here are some of the results:

  • 19% average increase in deep sleep.
  • 14% average increase in REM sleep.
  • 6% average increase in total sleep time.
  • 4% average decrease in resting heart rate.

Another study found impressive results such as a reported 25% increase in focus and concentration during periods of stress. There was also a study conducted with staff in nursing homes that showed that in just two weeks, stress and anxiety on the job were reduced by 40%, on average.

What The Reviews Are Saying

The science might be strong in this sales pitch, but what are people actually saying about the Apollo™ Wearable? Editor-in-Chief Matt Smithmier at our sister site Seasons said that the Apollo staked its claim to his right wrist after trying it out.

“After only a couple of nights, my stretches of deep sleep were longer, and I felt more rested in the morning. The sleep mode is a gentle vibration on my wrist that has proven to be surprisingly comforting, like a calm co-pilot on my journey to solid sleep—one that’s safe, non-invasive, and prevents me from having to take another Advil PM,” Smithmier wrote.

With over 1,500 reviews and an average rating of 4.7 stars on the brand’s site, it seems clear overall users are happy with the results. Many comment on the ability to relax easier, fall asleep faster, and concentrate better during the day.

If stress has been getting the best of you lately, the Apollo™ Wearable may just be the key to help get your life on a healthier path. Plus, Suggest readers can enjoy 10% off their purchase with the discount code SUGGEST40. As one reviewer insisted, it is “worth every penny.”

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