Through Volatile Markets, Longship Group Sees Record Growth


As the global economy adjusts to a post-Covid workforce, many organizations are struggling to hire top candidates, meet growth goals, and exceed customer expectations. Equipped with top-tier leadership, dedicated employees, and clear goals, Longship Group has experienced incredible growth and advancement in customer offerings.

The current structure of Longship Group is split into three pillars: Longship Commercial, Longship Healthcare, and Longship Professional. On the commercial side of the business, the Longship team helps support manufacturing and logistics businesses with staffing support through a network of industrial staffing brands. Longship Healthcare serves the critical needs of the healthcare sector by sourcing medical and non-medical employees across hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. Lastly, Longship Professional comprises a network of consulting firms that provide talent to professional organizations.

These service offerings make clear that Longship Group is committed to providing support to some of the most critical industries in our economy. The pandemic has illuminated the challenges faced by healthcare providers and how those challenges are exacerbated by staff shortages. Longship Healthcare provides much-needed support to fill these shortages. Additionally, as the global economy reels from manufacturing and supply chain issues, Longship Commercial is working behind the scenes to help bolster those organizations and help us all through these unprecedented times.

To inspire even further confidence in the Longship Group team, we can look at the organization’s growth. With the finalized acquisition of CareStaf, Longship Group is ramping up its product offerings. With a growth target of $200 million over two years, Longship Group instills confidence not only in potential customers, but also in businesses all over the country who are looking for relief from current volatility across industries.

Over the last two years, Longship Group has successfully completed 10 acquisitions, signaling that the team is well-positioned to meet its growth goals in the upcoming two years. Transparency is a critical factor for success, and the leadership team at Longship is committed to being as open as possible with stakeholders, clients, and potential employees.

As the team at Longship Group continues to make strategic decisions regarding the company’s growth and direction, clients can expect to see more services offered. Currently, Longship Group supports its clients through staffing and shared services, alleviating some of the biggest pain points for businesses across many industries. It is clear that the road ahead is wide open for Longship Group to have a major impact on the communities and organizations it serves.


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