Tiger Woods Not At Risk Of Relapse After Withdrawing From Game Despite Latest Gossip


Tiger Woods is struggling to find his form on the golf course after his leg injuries. One rumor says he’s at risk of relapsing because of it. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Relapse Fears For Quitter Tiger’

Per the National Enquirer, Woods’ bad performance at the PGA Championship has sparked fear in his friends of a drug relapse. After a 12+ night in Tulsa, Woods announced he was withdrawing from the U.S. Open so he could focus on getting healthy. “Tiger has never quit on the tour, but the pain was so intense he could barely walk, let alone play,” an insider said.

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The experience supposedly made Woods realize his comeback is killing him. Insiders fear he may go back on the painkillers which led to his 2017 DUI. One source concludes, “Tiger doesn’t want to give up his dream of being the all-time majors champion, but the only way to manage the pain appears to be with those pills… unfortunately, that’s a recipe for disaster.”

Is Tiger Woods Falling Off The Wagon?

It’s worth noting that Tiger Woods attended rehab of his own accord. After his 2017 arrest, Woods sought help for his abuse of prescription medication. It was a mature moment, so naturally, the Enquirer is using it to attack him.

There’s nothing to this story whatsoever. The golfer is trying to accomplish the impossible. It bears repeating that Woods’ injury was catastrophic. There were genuine fears that he would never play golf again, but he’s pushed himself to return anyway. The fact that he’s playing at all is a miracle, so it really doesn’t matter what his score is.

Except it does matter—to Woods. He’s listening to his body and is taking a few months off to rehabilitate. He says, “My body needs more time to get stronger for major championship golf.” He hopes to be back for the 2022 JP McManus Pro-Am in July. Rehabbing an injury for a month is not the same as relapsing on painkillers.

Many Woods Myths

This tabloid has already run this story. Last year, it claimed Woods would relapse because of his injuries. It’s just retreading its won bogus story to profit off Woods’ decision to step away from the competition.

It wasn’t that long ago when the Enquirer exaggerated Woods’ injuries for profit. It announced Woods could have severe brain damage after the car crash. While the crash was horrible, there’s no indication that Woods suffered any head injuries. In December, it announced Woods would never play golf again. He’s done just that. Every step of the way this tabloid has proven it cannot be trusted.

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