TikTok Star, Jessica Golich, is Just Getting Started


It all started with a dream and $20,000. TikTok Star, Jessica Golich, has had a very successful winding career that led her toward becoming one of the biggest content creators in the state of Michigan. Beyond her impact in Michigan, Jessica has begun to make a name for herself globally. Having an all or nothing attitude, Jessica took the last $20,000 she had to her name in 2020 and invested it into building her personal brand, and she hasn’t looked back since. Becoming one of the biggest cannabis influencers in the world and a very well-known TikToker, Jessica has her heart set on the stars. We caught up with Jessica to discuss her experience on TikTok, life as a content creator, where she wants to live next, what the next few years look like for her and more.

Tell us about your experience on TikTok. What makes TikTok such a great platform?

TikTok has given me a platform to feel like a modern-day Carson Daly. I grew up always watching TRL and following Carson’s path as a media personality. On TikTok, I talk about anything and everything from music, sports, celeb news, happenings in Detroit, breaking news, my lesbian life, etc. I am on TikTok all day, every single day. I haven’t taken a single day off of TikTok in over 4 years which has completely changed my life. I wake up, work-out and then get straight to work, Monday-Sunday. People are starting to notice me all over everywhere I go in Michigan. Creating content is fun and has become something I am very passionate about and highly skilled at. I am obsessed with TikTok and I think that it is the greatest thing to happen to artists in my lifetime.

If you could live anywhere in the world currently, where would that be?

I’ve lived in LA for a few short periods of my life and I absolutely loved it. I am super health conscious, love to work out and have led a very strict vegan lifestyle for the majority of my adult life, and California is a very health conscious state. California is the best of all worlds; in a short car ride from LA you can travel to Joshua Tree for the desert, Ojai for Nature and Big Bear for periods of snow. Although I do enjoy living in my hometown of Detroit currently, I foresee myself moving to LA over the next two years.

What makes you stand out from other content creators?

I think that we all stand out for our own unique reasons. I always say that I’ve already seen and experienced more in 33 years than most will in their lifetime. Though I always have a lot to learn, I’ve got a lot of valuable wisdom and acumen from the road that I’m working with that gives me a leg-up. I’m loud on social media, yet I’m often the quietest person in the room; I listen to my elders’ wisdom deeply, and am grateful for all of the mentors that have been a part of my life. I started my journey very young at 22-years-old, and catapulted quickly as a music journalist and photographer. I’ve failed many, many times, and with each failure I have learned valuable business lessons. TikTok is definitely not my first rodeo, but it has been my golden ticket opportunity. My network is a key advantage that I have, it took me 11-years of shaking hands, building trust and networking to build. Overall, I’d say that my main advantage is self-awareness. I also have an undeniable and exceptional work ethic.

What can we expect from you over the next few years?   

Over the next year, my main desire is to get signed to the right agency to begin to take my career to the next level; I have my heart set on one. I have quite a broad background in the music industry. I also understand that I am one of the biggest cannabis influencers in the world, and I would like to coalesce the two personalities into opportunities in radio, podcasting, hosting, TV commentary, hosting music festivals and more. I am only just beginning; I think that my life is going to make for a great story.

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