Tim McGraw’s Daughter Scolded Him For Classic Dad Bumble


They might seem calm, cool, and collected, but even celebrities embarrass their kids! Tim McGraw recently spoke about a time his daughter, Audrey, had to give her dad a talking-to while she was working on set. 

McGraw’s Daughter Had To Stop Her Dad On Set

While working on a music video for his new single 7500 OBO, McGraw looked to his family when it came time for casting. His youngest daughter Audrey got to star as “a young woman with a boyfriend who eventually leaves town.”

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This meant filming things like kissing scenes, and apparently McGraw was not a fan of watching the actors work. During an interview with Audacy’s US 101 (Chattanooga), McGraw admitted his daughter had to tell him to chill out. 

“I never gave her any advice or anything but the only time I did sort of say something and she had to take me aside and give me a talking to was [during the kissing scene],” he said of their time on set.

He continued, “I was watching the monitor, and they were doing that kissing scene, and instinctively as a dad, I yelled ‘Cut!’ really loud because I thought it went on a little bit too long. She had to come over and say, ‘Alright dad, you have to stop that.””

McGraw: ‘She Was So Natural And Did Everything So Well’

Even though Audrey had to call out her overprotective dad, the country star said he really enjoyed working with his daughter. “It was awesome… she’s such a poised young lady. She showed up and just nailed it. She was professional and took direction—I didn’t have to give her any direction—she was so natural and did everything so well.”

The music video role wasn’t just a one-off; Audrey is pursuing an acting career. “She’s an actor, that’s her gig, that’s what she wants to do,” McGraw explained. “She’s like all actors, she’s out there working and auditioning and just looking for a role.”

The Country Star’s Other Daughters

Audrey isn’t the only McGraw girl who wants to act. The family’s eldest daughter Gracie is currently in New York working on Broadway. Their middle sister, Maggie, keeps a low profile on social media but has just finished her Master’s degree in climate control at Stanford University. 

With two daughters looking to make names for themselves on the stage and screen, it looks like McGraw is going to have to get used to seeing Audrey and Gracie perform kissing scenes!

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