Time To Sever Frayed Ties

Madame Miranda posts are penned by M. Davis-McAfee and based on the motivations behind each star sign, as described on astrology.com, and the positioning of celestial bodies mapped by theplanetstoday.com. While we appreciate the self-reflection that astrology can inspire, our horoscopes are for entertainment purposes only.

This week, a waning gibbous Moon passes through the last three Zodiac Houses, the first of which currently houses the Moon’s ruling sign, Cancer. A waning Moon by itself signals endings, analyses, and letting go of what no longer works.

As the Moon passes through the final Houses of Social Status, Friendship, and Self-Undoing, the cosmos urge us to consider the relationships and goals we’ve chosen to prioritize. Do they still serve us? And if not, how can we learn to release them?

Self-reflection is rarely easy but always important. What will your sign find this week?

Just because you’re not leading the pack doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue on this path, Aries. Life doesn’t leave us at the helm indefinitely. As our needs and priorities shift, so does the necessity of our place in a given role. Perhaps you have greater obligations to tend to outside of blazing trails—and that’s okay.

But while this nagging feeling is here, try leaning in for a closer look. What insecurities are keeping you from releasing your ego? How could you work on untangling those mental knots? This downtime is the perfect opportunity to start.

Keeping the peace might seem like the easier—perhaps even more productive—option. After all, confrontation is, by and large, a bad thing, right? Wrong, Taurus. When used appropriately and mindfully, it can be the very thing that keeps a relationship alive and well. But you’ll never know if you never try.

Just because things are comfortable doesn’t mean they’re good for you. And if you were to be truthful with yourself, you might find that this “comfort really” isn’t as pleasant as you’re trying to believe it is.

It isn’t enough to devote yourself to the needs of your partner, Gemini. For this relationship to stay healthy and amicable, you must devote some of that time to yourself. Self-care and self-awareness are both critical to maintaining meaningful bonds. Otherwise, these bonds will be one-sided and shallow at best.

The right people won’t be upset with you for tending to your wants and needs. On the contrary, they will encourage you to do so. (You know, just like how you encourage them to meet theirs.)

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As we dive further into the cold, dark season, your mind and body naturally start to shift their focus to hunkering down for the winter. This might mean physical changes, but it often means emotional ones, too. The warm allure of summertime friendships and endeavors don’t have the same sparkly appeal as they do now.

And frankly, Cancer, that’s normal. Virtually every aspect of life is cyclical, so it stands to reason that our priorities would be too. Allow yourself the freedom to let go of what has been weighing you down.

You’ve had your fun in the sun, Leo, but now it’s time to reevaluate if your current situation is up to your incredibly high standards. If it is, then great, continue! However, the stars suggest that things might not be as up to snuff as you like. And while that might mean that playtime is over, that’s not a bad thing.

Indeed, this analysis will help you create an even better environment—one that’s sensitive to your specific needs. Prepare for some discomfort in the initial transformation, but don’t lose sight of the greener pastures ahead.

If you can’t make yourself focus on anything outside of the realm of productivity and professionalism, then maybe it’s time to shift your perspective. Start considering acts of self-care to be as important as a work deadline. (Because realistically, they very much are.) Maybe a hard-working spin is what you need to commit fully.

One way or another, your body and mind will find a way to shut down. Do you want to wait around and let it do so involuntarily via burnout? Or would you rather start the process now in a controlled manner?

If a relationship is meant to last, the bad times will fortify the connection, not weaken it. These types of confrontation are certainly difficult, but that doesn’t mean they’re not valuable. Try not to focus on the emotions—they’re chaotic and turbulent, and they only serve to muddy the waters. Instead, pinpoint the problem.

What larger problem does this minor tiff point toward? Once you start addressing that problem, you’ll start to get closer to a permanent solution. And if that means the relationship’s end, well, then it was probably going to happen anyway.

One mustn’t discredit the power of clear communication and connection with the outside world. However, the same goes for your intuition, Scorpio. A great change has been slowly growing larger on your horizon, and it’s showing no signs of slowing. Now is not the time for distractions and workarounds.

On the contrary, it’s a time for focus, planning, and tuning in to what your emotions are subconsciously trying to tell you. You won’t find the answers you’re looking for in a new job, relationship, or another external endeavor. It’s within you and you alone.

Part of coming to terms with failure or pain is fully acknowledging the effects it had on you. This is a slow, often sad, sometimes infuriating process. But the longer you wait, the worse these emotions will fester. The distance only makes it harder to identify the problems—it doesn’t actually make them go away.

Listen to your heart this week, and take note when something feels off. Give yourself grace to humbly accept accountability when necessary and shed the responsibilities that aren’t your own. Don’t hyperbolize the issue at hand.

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Social discourse can be particularly volatile in today’s world, which can make turning inward on oneself all the more appealing. However, the stars urge you to resist this temptation, Cap. After all, if everyone gave in to the desire to close themselves off mentally and emotionally, where would that leave us?

Don’t succumb to a life lived in a stark, cognitive cubicle. Vulnerability puts one at risk of getting hurt—this is undeniable. But it also provides the opportunity for significant happiness, meaning, and community. Don’t those rewards outweigh the risk?

You love being the leader of the pack so much that sometimes, it doesn’t even matter which pack it is. As long as you’re in the front, you tend to approve. However, it’s essential that you stay critical of the company you keep. That doesn’t mean becoming overbearingly judgmental.

But it does mean making sure that those you choose to spend time around are at least somewhat in line with your values and beliefs. Differing opinions are valuable, but clashing moral values are just problematic. The tough conversation will be worth it.

Stop analyzing social situations and hierarchies in terms of how other people feel and benefit from them, and start focusing on your own reactions and feelings. It isn’t your job to make yourself pliable enough to fit around everyone else. You deserve to take up space just as much as the next person, Pisces. 

Of course, self-advocacy won’t feel comfortable after years of people-pleasing. Stand firm in your beliefs anyway. And if that means reaching out to a few trusted loved ones for support, then, by all means, do it.

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