Tina Sadri Treating the Masses With “Therapy Tuesdays” on Instagram

Therapy is becoming so much more important for the average person year after year. While the validity of therapy for some people is so high on account of the rising cases of mental health battles as well as the general normalization of therapy as a sound method of mental health treatment does not make it easier for the average person to access. Luckily, influencer Tina Sadri is working every week to help level the playing field.

Tina Sadri is a rising and popular social media influencer with an extensive and reputable psychotherapy background. Tina has been able to connect with a wide array of demographics within her audience by using a holistic approach to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which involves living a fulfilling lifestyle with a focus on balance all throughout.

The appeal of online, indirect therapy such as Tina’s Therapy Tuesdays is a sense of general advising. Every one of her viewers can often feel included in the variety of topics that are talked about as a majority of the topics that Tina touches on are almost exclusively suggested by her audience members themselves.

“I started with topics that I thought were important but now they have taken a life of their own. They’re all given to me by my followers. They will DM me and be like, “Oh my God, can you please talk about your husband cheating on you?” or, “Can you talk about my adolescent daughter wanting to go out when I don’t want it.” All these subtopics are there, more refined, and they’re more focused, coming from the followers.” Describes Tina.

Influencers like Tina Sadri is a refreshing reminder that the reach and ‘influence’ that social media stars tend to have, is not completely unfounded. Using her platform to contribute to people’s private lives every single Tuesday is proving to be a phenomenal use of the following Tina has been able to garner over the years.

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