Tips on How to Cure a Hangover


Now that you’re finally coming out of the holiday fog and you find yourself struggling to get out of bed even just for a glass of water, we made a list of other refreshing options your head, stomach, and liver won’t hate you for. It’s not so hard to cure a hangover if you just have some staples available in your pantry. 

Food Options That May Help Cure a Hangover:

Bone Broth

Even those who aren’t dealing with a hangover swear by bone broth! It’s a simple but hearty electrolyte bomb you can try sipping. You can make one yourself and freeze it or you can buy boxed bone broths so you stock up.


Chances are, the last thing you want to do is make a complex meal — but one potential hangover cure is something you probably already make all the time. You can prepare your usual oatmeal for carbohydrates and add fruits packed with electrolytes; bananas, coconut (fresh, shredded, or desiccated), mangoes, oranges, or anything filled with natural sugars, that has a lot of water content and provides electrolytes like potassium are great for reducing a hangover.


It’s one thing to feel too bad to get out of bed, but the torture of having the urge to go to the bathroom to throw up? — horrendous. The good thing is ginger is an accessible ingredient that’s known to alleviate nausea. If you can brew ginger tea, then you might as well sacrifice a little and get up to make one. If you really can’t muster the strength to do it, have a few ginger candies on your nightstand.

Congee or Rice Porridge

If you find grains, ginger, and broths too bland, you can try adding ALL of the ingredients we listed above and make a good old-fashioned congee. You can replace oatmeal with rice. This way, you’ll get the carbs, electrolytes, and rehydration you so badly need. You can even add simple proteins like chicken and/or eggs.

Bread and Crackers

Other simple carbohydrates that you probably already have lying in your kitchen are crackers and bread. Many fellow (and former) hungover buddies around the world can attest that this simple ingredient soothed their stomachs and reduced their nausea — bread and crackers can also help raise your blood sugar levels.

Hangover Causes

The phrases “I’m fine” and “I can handle one more shot/bottle/glass” are a few of the most regrettable words one could ever utter. But hey, don’t blame your last night self for your today’s state — everyone likes to celebrate special occasions. You simply just overindulged a little.

Numerous studies have been conducted to find out why hangovers happen but nobody can pinpoint the exact reason why — but the majority of researchers speculated that it’s because of dehydration. Thus, the best way to cure a hangover is via prevention.

Alcohol has ethanol that is known for being a diuretic — this causes you to pee more than usual. Therefore, you should always have a glass of water in one hand amid the celebration — not just the booze!

Now That We’re Here…

The side effects of a hangover are temporary but you can try appeasing yourself with the ingredients that we listed so you can cure a hangover you’re suffering from. These simple cures can fuel a hungover person and a miserable and regretful soul.

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