‘Today’ Co-Host Fills In For Al Roker On Another Show Amid Health Concerns


Today show viewers were happy to hear that Al Roker had returned home after a series of medical issues kept him in the hospital for weeks. Roker is on the road to recovery, but fans will have to wait a little while longer to see him back on their screens.

Roker’s Ongoing Health Issues 

Roker was noticeably absent from the morning show in November, and he eventually revealed that he had been hospitalized due to blood clots in his legs and lungs. The meteorologist spent time in the hospital and missed out on hosting the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Christmas Tree-Lighting at Rockefeller Center. 

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He went home for Thanksgiving but was quickly rushed back to the hospital. After a few more weeks, Roker was sent home again and he is now recovering at home. Today show fans are ready to see him back on the morning show, but Roker will need a little more time before he goes back to work. 

Who Is Filling In For Roker On His ‘Family Style’ Show?

In addition to missing out on his daily hosting gig on the morning show, it was also announced that one of Roker’s co-anchors will be stepping in to replace him on another project. Craig Melvin will replace Roker as host of the family-themed cooking show, Family Style with Al Roker.

Melvin revealed that he would be stepping in for Roker in recent episodes of the cooking show on his Instagram story. A synopsis of his episode reads,”From fruit to cream and everything in between, Craig Melvin explores the history of pie and introduces viewers to three family-owned businesses making their pie in the sky dreams come true.”

How The ‘Today’ Family Has Kept Roker Part Of The Show

Roker is expected to return to the Today show, so Melvin’s stint as host of Family Style will most likely just last for a few episodes. Even though he isn’t back at work yet, the meteorologist has been making plenty of appearances on the show. 

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Roker frequently video chats with the rest of the hosts, and he made a memorable appearance in a segment where the rest of the Today cast and crew showed up to sing Christmas carols at his home.

Fans of Today are ready for Roker to return to hosting the morning show, as well as start working on his other projects, but are glad he’s focusing on his recovery. In the meantime, Roker has plenty of friends to fill in for him while he gets better! 

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