Tom Jones Addresses Health Rumors That He Collapsed Before A Show 


Fans of Sir Tom Jones were worried when it was announced that his concert in Budapest, Hungary would be canceled shortly before it was due to start. A rumor quickly spread that the singer had collapsed, but Jones took to social media to let fans know what really happened. 

Why Jones Was Forced To Cancel Budapest Show

In a note posted to Twitter and Instagram, Jones wrote, “Hello to all concerned: I traveled last night from the UK to Budapest and woke this morning with an uncomfortable throat. A specialist came to visit and diagnosed ‘viral laryngitis’. He strongly advised postponing this evening’s show and prescribed medication and vocal rest.”

“I did NOT ‘collapse’ anywhere at any time, that is pure rumor,” he insisted. “Hopefully the inflammation will calm soon as I am looking forward to continuing my wonderful summer tour.” Jones then let fans know how sorry he was that the concert had to be canceled, and when he would make it back to Budapest for a rescheduled show. 

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“Unfortunately the show had to be canceled at the last minute, and for that I am very sorry,” Jones wrote. “However, the show in Budapest has been rescheduled and will take place on August 16. Thanks again for all your kind concern. TJ.”

Fans Wish Jones A Speedy Recovery: ‘Get Well Soon Wishes Sent Your Way!’

Fans filled the singer’s comment section with well wishes, thankful that the rumors about Jones’ collapse were not true. “So glad you have taken doctor’s advice,” one fan wrote. “Get well soon wishes sent your way!” Another commented, “Speedy recovery Sir Tom! Just heard on the morning news here in Melbourne so I was concerned glad to hear not true.”

“Hello Sir Tom, I wish you a best and rapid recovery!! Please take care and follow all the medical advices!! get well soon!!” a fan enthused. Another gave their own home remedy for Jones’ laryngitis: “Gargle with salt water or vinegar! Brandy and honey.”

Jones’ European Tour

Jones is currently on tour in Europe, hitting cities like London, Barcelona, Copenhagen, and Stockholm. It’s unknown whether the singer’s viral laryngitis will affect any of the upcoming tour dates, but fans have their fingers crossed for a speedy recovery for Jones. 

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