Tony Hawk Shows Off Insane Pain Tolerance With ‘One Chip Challenge’


Hot Ones is one of the biggest internet talk shows today. Viewers love watching their favorite celebrities sit down with host Sean Evans and eat extremely hot wings, but Tony Hawk gave some fans a surprise with his understated reaction to one of the hottest dishes. 

Hawk Calls Hot Chip ‘The Remnants Of A Terrible House Fire’

At the end of his Hot Ones interview, Hawk did the #OneChipChallenge with Evans. The two ate one chip, infused with Carolina Reaper and Scorpion Pepper—two of the hottest peppers in the world. 

“This chip actually turns your tongue blue,” Evans told Hawk, who laughed. The pair then put on latex gloves, so as not to get any pepper on their hands and accidentally touch their eyes or nose. Hawk had to sign a liability waiver before eating the chip. 

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Evans also shared that there was a tiered system for how people eat the hot chip. If they can wait one minute before drinking water or milk to ease the spiciness in their mouth, they’re “powerless.” Ten minutes, and they’re “powerful.” 1 hour, and they’re considered “invincible.”

“If I break a minute, I’ll feel pretty good about that,” Hawk said. He and Evans decided they would try to make it to five minutes without drinking anything. After the pair pulled out their chips, which were black and charred-looking, the pro skateboarder said, “It looks like the remnants of a terrible house fire.”

Hawk Talks Pain Tolerance: ‘[I Don’t] Let It Overwhelm Me’

Hawk and Evans ate the chip and immediately started feeling the burn. “It is extraordinarily hot on my tongue,” Hawk shared. “I feel like my tongue’s starting to not work.” Evans, ever the interviewer, then started to ask Hawk questions about his career. 

“Your skateboarding career…do you think it’s given you an ability to compartmentalize pain in any way?” he asked. Hawk replied, “Yes…not to let it overwhelm me, yes.” The two then continued to talk about how extreme the heat coming from the chip was. 

“I feel like all of my senses have stopped functioning,” the skateboarder said. “And gone to my head and mouth. Like, ‘all hands on deck, there’s trauma up here.’” Hawk and Evans managed to hold out for the full five minutes before reaching for something to drink. 

Fan Reactions: ‘Tony Was Acting Like Nothing Fazed Him’

“Tony Hawk, taking on the challenge like a pro, living to tell the tale,” Evans said. While Hawk definitely felt the heat from the chip, viewers were shocked at how calm the pro skateboarder was while eating the spicy food—especially because Evans, who eats hot food for a living, seemed to be really struggling with the heat.

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“Tony, calm as anything; ‘I see why this is a challenge…,’ What a legend,” one fan commented on the video. Another wrote, “bro tony was acting like nothing fazed him the whole time, what a legend.”

Fans of Hawk loved seeing him experience Hot Ones and, while the skateboarder definitely experienced some spice, many were pleasantly surprised to see Hawk’s legendary pain tolerance in action.

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