Top Artists, DJ’s and Influencers To Watch in 2022

As we approach the 4th quarter of the year, Verified Hustler Group brings you the music industry’s top artist’s, dj’s and influencers who deserve global recognition for their talent and accomplishments. From all around the world, in alphabetical order, are names and faces you want to get familiar with.

98 Prynce – “Low Profile” – Low Profile is 98 Prynce’s most critically acclaimed song with over 300k streams. It’s been greatly received by fans all across the world from the USA, to the UK to Austria. 98 Prynce says that this is his favorite song that he made and he believes it will be the first song he released to hit 1 million streams. Stream ”Low Profile” now. IG: @98Prynce

Apryl – “It Was You” – Singer and influencer Apryl is having the best year of her music career. Coming off the release of her most successful single “It Was You”, she is gearing up for her highly anticipated single “Bruised Girl”. As someone who has entered a devine season of healing, she hopes that others are inspired by her music to reclaim the power that was once taken from them. Having opened up for Mary J Blige and interning at Jive & BMG Records, she is ready to take over the world one single at a time. Jersey has a star in rising singer Apryl. Look out for her highly anticipated follow up single “Bruised Girl” dropping soon! IG: @iam.apryl

Boobieblood – “About The Money” – Minnesota based artist Boobieblood is reaching new heights with his hit single “About The Money”. The title speaks for itself, this lets the world know this guy is serious about getting paid for his craft. In a world where u gotta pay to play, it’s no wonder why he’s all about the money‼️ IG: @ob_boobie

Butta The Preacher – “Crazy About God” ft. Shallon Tore & Emcee N.I.C.E. – Just within 2 days of Butta The Preacher’s new release, he ranked at the top of the global music charts with his new hit single “Crazy About GOD”Ft. Shallon Tore’ and multi award winning artist Emcee N.I.C.E. Butta The Preacher is a native from Indiana who’s music career as a Christian hip hop artist is something the industry’s been needing IG: @ButtaThePreacher

Contraband – “Moving Major” ft. T$K – Contraband is a rising artist who just dropped a hot new single “Moving Major” ft. T$K. His album “Dope Tales” features great production and artists such as JStead, T$Kezzy and many others. He is most known for the single “1Way 2Swang” where he gives an audio visual of his city of Houston. IG: @Contraband_Bigz

Daniel Mouyal – “Boy To A Man” – Daniel Mouyal is a 26-year-old hip-hop, reggae, and dancehall singer, rapper, and producer from Miami, FL. He previously went under the moniker Dada Major. The artist has performed across the country. Now, Daniel Mouyal goes by his real name and releases music through his label, You Already Know Records. His music places great emphasis on self-care, ethics, and personal advancement. As Daniel Mouyal continues his path to wisdom and growth, he urges fans to follow his journey. IG: @realdanielmouyal

Deetrxll – “Coke Boy” – Deetrxll celebrated this year with some great news about his music career. His new single “Coke Boy” peaked at #18 on Apple’s UK Top 100 hip hop chart. Deetrxll has put a lot of work into his music career behind the scenes. The rising hip-hop artist is also a soldier in the US Army National Guard based in Del Rio, Texas. IG: @Deetrxll_

Jacob T King – In just 1 year, Jacob T King is taking social media by storm with over 2.3 million followers and over 50 million likes on TikTok alone. His success is attributed to offering lifestyle and fitness content with a unique twist. The rising 22 year old star is driven and outgoing, which helps him as a professional trainer and competitive athlete in calisthenics. IG: @jacob_t_king

JADI – We all love music that can reach across cultures, age, and race and speak directly to our souls. That is the type of music Jadi Torres creates. Her sound is a musical fusion of her latin roots and the R&B and hip hop that raised her. In 2016, she released her first single catapulting her career as a singer in the Latin Christian market, as one of few female singer-songwriters within the Spanish urban field. Torres is a multi-talented artist, producer, actress, and an entrepreneur who continues to impress in everything she does. IG: @JadiTorres

Jay Lucci – Jay Lucci is a Louisiana based hip hop artist you want to have on your radar. His sound brings you an authentic New Orleans viewpoint while dazzling and entertaining you with punchlines and vivid descriptions. Look out for his new project “The New Orleanian”. If you want to hear authentic southern rap, Jay Lucci is an artist you need to know. IG: @cmjaylucci

Jxck Wolf “Rolling Up” ft. Fritz Victor – Jxck Wolf is a Canadian based music producer, artist, musician and songwriter. His new release was composed by Jxck Wolf and written, recorded, and performed by both Fritz Victor and Jxck Wolf. Fritz has mainly been known for his music production, this track is his debut song as a vocal artist and singer. They tried to emulate that feeling of riding through your city then “rolling up” and meeting up with the crew and having a night out on the town. This is the ultimate cruising track for the summer! IG: @Jxck_Wolf

Kadiz – “Moon Child” – You’d think being a musician in 2022 would be easy with all the technology artists have access to. Truth of the matter is, it’s more difficult now than ever before. Being an artist takes sacrifice, commitment, and hard work. “Urban” music more specifically, hip hop is a genre of art that reflects particularly, real-life community-based struggles for a specific group of people (the have-nots.) Additionally, I’m from a city not particularly known AT ALL for contributing to the culture of hip hop, so against all odds, no real guarantees, just the love for the music, you get Kadiz, aka Fresh Wes aka “The Heart of the City.” IG: @TheRealKadiz

Khaleel Mandel – Connecticut prodigy Khaleel Mandel is becoming a certified music legend in his own right. After four consecutive self produced flawless projects, he took a hiatus from making albums. Fast forward to now, Khaleel Mandel is gearing up to release his most ambitious album yet, ‘The Most Threatening Artist Of All Time’. IG:@OneKhaleelMandel

Killa Caine – “Open Sesame” – Killa Caine drops “Open Sesame’ off his new tape “Carolina to Michigan Punch”, which features Michigan’s top producers. The tape has a Midwest beat selection with a down south lyrical twist and was given a vouch by Fat Joe. Expect a lot of new music at the top of the year. North Carolina has something to say. IG: @Official_Killa60Caine

Kobe6’4 – “It’s That” – Kobe6’4 drops a new visual titled “It’s That”. A song from his recent album Chapter 1 ft. local Chicago artist Pooda Laflair. These two brought us a classic Chicago hit. Be on the lookout for more upcoming visuals and music from this rising star. IG: @kobe64_

MARO – “Rejects” (Addicted To Music) – Finally, a serious artist with bona fide chops and someone who understands that the visual element of an L.P. is perhaps as important as the audio element! Warsaw, Poland-based electronic dance music and hip-hop artist, producer, and engineer, MARO just unleashed his new album, Rejects (Addicted To Music) on the world and it’s a doozy. Believe it or not, MARO managed to get Wu-Tang-Clan members to guest on the album. MARO also worked his magic to get big names to join him on the album including: Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Deadly Hunta, Awich, Cappadonna and more. IG: @MaroMusic1

Maurya Sevak – “Air” – The young Toronto, Canada based electronic dance music (EDM) DJ and producer, Maurya Sevak, has had a passion for music since before he could walk. Sevak taught himself how to DJ and also how to produce music. The fruits of his labor have started paying-off: Maurya Sevak was just signed to  New York City-based Queenpin Recordings (a sub-label of the legendary Black Hole Recordings). His first release on Queenpin titled, “Air”, is expected at the end of this month. He also has a weekly radio show, “Mach-5 Radio,” airing on Dash Radio. With a steady lineup of new music ahead and his ongoing efforts to rise higher in the EDM scene, Maurya Sevak is a name to watch. IG: @maurya.sevak

Mike Evan$ – “Thinking Out Loud” – Rising artist Mike Evan$ just dropped a hot new project titled “Thinking Out Loud.” He says, “this project was inspired by long nights just recording and practicing in the basement until I found my sound. Thinking Out Loud was a title I created so that I didn’t limit what I wanted to talk about on the project” Check it out now! IG: @MoneyEvans

NOC Menace – “Country Boy Living” – Nocatee, Florida just leveled up with the release of “Country Boy Living” from NOC Menace, a Florida based artist. NOC Menace combines the love of his hometown with his mischievous childhood to create timeless music with a southern home vibe. His music is like short films of a small-town kid whose “Country Urban” lifestyle has sprung a new genre from the most unlikely crossover of music. IG: @n.o.cmenace

Renzo D Don – “Don’t Worry” – Renzo D Don is a talented Michigan based artist who’s been making music since 16. He continues to drop hit after hit. He was recently discovered by Fat Joe and Jadakiss, who he is working with now. Look out for his new music! IG: @RenzoDDon

Rich Ash – “Update” – Rich Ash is an upcoming artist and producer from Detroit, MI who has the full package. Lyricical, witty, luxurious, creative, optimistic are a few ways to describe him. The music depicts life lessons, struggles, blessings, success, and plethora of other things. Rich has pioneered his path in the music world with catchy street music that proudly illuminates his hometown and hood. He has a studio in his hometown where he has built strong connections and created multiple outlets to help rising artists. IG: @RichAshWealthy

Robbie Wilde – “Runnin Back” – You want to talk about perseverance and beating seemingly insurmountable odds? How about battling as a DJ – a turntablist and open-format DJ, no less – from obscurity all the way to international acclaim? Going from humble beginnings as a 7-year-old kid, newly deaf thanks to severe illness, all the way to performing at NYC’s Madison Square Garden, starring in TV commercials and being featured on too many outlets to list. Hearing-impaired or hearing-enabled, one thing’s for certain: Robbie Wilde is back on-the-scene and he’s got some new music and hot moves to show-off. IG: @robbiewildeofficial

Rondre Dent – “Razor Ramon” – Rondre Dent is exploding on the scene. He aims to become a leading figure in the music scene by dropping fresh music without fail. Musicians have been able to charm listeners for decades and have made their mark in a fiercely competitive music industry. Rondre Dent, one among these musicians, is one of the most outstanding. His latest E.P Entrepreneurship has received millions of streams and views. He promises that there will be more to come in the future as he prepares for several releases. IG: @IMonstrousDre

$hadow – “Summer Night Vibes” – “I don’t write songs, I write vibes!” That’s $hadow’s slogan. He really backed up his words with his latest release Summer Night Vibes. He was supposed to drop a project named Everyday is Valentine’s Day. Since it was pushed back, $hadow changed the title to Summer Night Vibes. He then switched a few tracks to change the overall vibe of the EP. Great things happen during the most unprecedented moments. IG: @Shadow.TW

Sir Will – “Weight Up” – Phoenix-based, Compton-bred hip hop sensation Sir Will drops a dynamic hip hop anthem dedicated to appreciating the beauty, decadence, and finer things in life featuring his signature charismatic feel-good flow. “Weight Up” is about investing in yourself; putting in the work and celebrating the results. As Sir Will puts it, “The term ‘Weight Up’ stands for whatever you’re doing in life. You can always do it better and go harder.” IG:@IamSirWill

Sledge Dibiase – “Growth” – Sledge Dibiase returns with a hot new single for the grown and sexy titled “Growth”. Look out for his new album “Fly and Wonderful 2”. IG: @sledge_dibiase

TheWizJ.Wil – “Watch Out” – TheWizJ.Wil just dropped a new hit single titled “Watch Out”. Check it out now along with his new EP ‘Street Smart Book Smart 3”. IG: @TheWizJ.Will

Tree Boogy – “Life Too Short” – Rising artist Tree Boogy is back with another hot new single titled “Life Too Short”. His new release is about focusing on life’s most important moments and realizing what’s real and fake. Check it out now! IG: @TreeBoogy

Word Life – “Magic City” – The King of all fresh, rapper Word Life, has been gaining momentum with his latest single “Magic City”. The release landed him on the top 15 iTunes Charts in the UK and gained the attention of rapper Fat Joe. “Magic City” gives us an exotic red light district look and introduces a new refreshing sound and flow to match it. Word Life is one of the most consistent artists presenting a star power look and sound. IG:@IamWorldLife

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