Top Energy Saving Tips for Internet Entrepreneurs


Working online is a dream for many people, and if you’re someone who is fortunate enough to have managed to set up a business entirely online then you are no-doubt enjoying the freedom that comes from being able to work your own hours with no boss and with no physical ties to a particular location.

For most of us this generally means working from home which enables us to enjoy being in our own surroundings and having access to all of our creature comforts.

But there are one or two downsides to working from home as well – and one of those is that you’re now going to have to fund all of your electricity needs and any other bills that you need to pay in order to run your business. Sure, it’s tax deductible, but it’s still an overhead that you need to think about and that wouldn’t be there normally.

What this ultimately means is that finding ways to save energy around the house will allow you to save money and ultimately increase your profit margins. So how do you go about doing that? Read on and we’ll look at some of the ways you can save energy while running an online business.

Be Mindful

The first and simplest tip when it comes to saving energy around the home while working out of your office, is to simply be mindful that this is indeed an issue you need to contend with. This is an overhead and an investment just like the money you spend on web hosting, so make sure you’re being efficient.

That means no lights on when you’re in other rooms, it means turning down the heating slightly so you aren’t using more than necessary, and it means turning your various gadgets off rather than leaving them on standby which just isn’t as efficient and still consumes a lot of energy.

Setting Up

Setting up your home correctly is also important such that you make it as efficient as possible by default. An example of this would be thinking about insulation in your home: you need to ensure that you have a well-insulated home in order to reduce the amount of energy you’re spending on just running your house during the day.

Think of things like <a href=””>siding</a> then as being investments for your business as well as just ways to improve your property and your quality of life after hours. Things like energy saving lightbulbs can even make a difference.

Your Work Devices

It’s also worth thinking about ways you can use less energy directly when using computers, smartphones and the like. Turning down the brightness on your smartphone for instance can reduce the number of charges you need per day which can make a big difference if you are taking lots of business calls during working hours. Likewise you can save a little energy by turning off the computer when you’re not actually using it, and the same even goes for the internet. Look as well into the efficiency and battery life of your technology before you buy those items as spending a little more upfront might just save you in the long run through those bills.

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