Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth Take Trip Down Memory Lane–Literally

Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth recently revisited some of their glory days; well, their Beverly Hills, 90210 characters’ glory days, at least! The two actresses met up to visit the apartment their TV show counterparts used to live in. 

Spelling And Garth Return To Iconic ‘90210’ Beach Apartment

“OMG we went back to the beach apartment…” Spelling captioned her post. The photos show her and Garth, both wearing white tops and jeans, standing outside the apartment building their 90210 characters, Kelly and Donna, once lived in. 

“My bff @jenniegarth and I went back to our beloved (well Kelly & Donna’s beloved) beach apartment for the first time in over 20 years!” Spelling continued. “And, we have the podcast to prove it! See, you CAN go home again!”

Spelling and Garth’s characters attended high school and college together in the popular teen show. The pair moved into the beach apartment shown in the pictures after high school.

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After graduation, the duo opened a clothing store at the mall. The pals spoke about the building and their memories of filming the show there in an episode of Spelling’s podcast. 

Garth: ‘I Literally Feel At Home’

Garth admitted on the podcast that she had actually “never been inside” the apartment building; it was only used for exterior shots in the show, so the actors never had to go inside.

She and Spelling got to go in during their recent trip to the building, however, and Garth said she was surprised to see how “oddly” similar the real-life house was to the 90210 set. 

Both actresses said that the outside of the house looked “exactly the same” as it did when they shot there. “I literally feel at home,” Garth shared.

“I feel very comfortable.” Spelling agreed, adding, “It makes me feel very young … The way we’re both sitting on the couch is how we used to sit on the couch, on the set, in the beach apartment. It just reminds me of so many times [we were] just laughing.”

For any Beverly Hills, 90210 fans who want to live like Kelly and Donna, the beach apartment is actually available to rent on Airbnb.

Spelling and Garth’s trip down memory lane has a lot of fans feeling nostalgic—and glad to see the building still looks exactly the same. 

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