Tori Spelling Posts Amazing Throwback Of The ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Cast’s Very First Photo Shoot: ‘We Were Just Kids’

Tori Spelling is just one reason why the zip code 90210 is world famous. The actress was part of the celebrity filled cast in the quintessential 1990s TV show, Beverly Hills, 90210. On the show’s 32nd anniversary, Spelling shared a throwback picture of the cast which is taking us right back to the ’90s.

All That And A Bag Of Chips

In the Instagram photo, the actress shared the story behind the picture. “They told us to look out past the camera in this first photoshoot,” Spelling wrote. “The 8 of us couldn’t have known that day in Malibu what the future held. We were just kids. Finding ourselves. Finding each other. Finding our places in the world.”

The actress also mentioned how she really feels about being part of this show. At the end of the post, Spelling shared, “So proud to have been a part of TV history that to this day still gives people such a feeling of joy, comfort, and home. Bringing entertainment into people’s lives is a gift.”

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The teen drama was certainly a gift to Generation X. As Spelling mentions in her post, the show was one of a kind when it first aired. Beverly Hills, 90210 gave a voice to teenagers and young adults who were growing up when many adults were saying—to use the ’90s phrase—“Don’t go there!” Most families still had a difficult time discussing taboo issues at this time. The show approached many topics that now appear in most shows, such as teenage sex, eating disorders, the LGBTQ+ community, racism, and teenage pregnancy.

The Show For A Generation

As many fans had to catch their breath as they realized the show aired 32 years ago, they’re also sharing the impact the drama had on their lives. As one fan shared, “I lived for this show!! So many memories. Also named my son Luke after always loving the name because of Luke Perry.” Another fan commented, “I am so forever thankful for this show, it has been like a security blanket to me through the good times and the hardest days of my life.”

Even some of the cast members are reminiscing about the show. Christine Elise McCarthy, who played Emily Valentine in Beverly Hills, 90210, commented on the post, “Also proud to have been invited to this party.” From fans to co-stars, the teen drama is definitely a show that impacted lives and a generation.

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