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Bubble-aholic, carbonation-ivore, sparkling superfan—no matter what kitschy name you prefer (okay, the carbonation one was a bit of a reach), you can consider me one. If given the option, I always prefer my drinks bubbly, from sodas to wines to seltzers. 

But because sipping on sugary sodas or wine spritzers all day isn’t an option, I turned to seltzer waters a few years back. After months of trial and error, I found my favorite flavors and enjoyed can after can (after can) of crisp, fizzy drinks. 

However, not even my love of seltzers could keep things from falling a little … flat. After years of the same old flavors, I grew bored of the same variations of citrus and berry. And while unflavored seltzer is fine, it’s the beverage equivalent of a saltine.

Just when I was starting to bum myself out over my run with seltzer waters being over, I found just the thing to lighten my spirits: Mirth.

A Sip Of Happiness

As its name suggests, Mirth Sparkling Water is effervescently light, bursting with juicy, vibrant flavors. Mirth uses natural flavors and no artificial sweeteners to create a fresh, unexpected seltzer with none of the sickly sweet mouthfeel. The seltzers are low-calorie, gluten-free, vegan, and eco-friendly.

Mirth’s owner, Jeremy Philip Galen, was taught how to make old-fashioned seltzer with his grandfather, and he’s been obsessed with coming up with new carbonated creations ever since. When COVID-19 put the entire world on lockdown, Galen did what most of us did: experimented in the kitchen to pass the time.

He began incorporating fruit peels, essential oils, and even coffee grounds in his creations, and as his flavors matured and improved, he decided to share his seltzer secrets. And I, for one, am elated that he did because … wow.

Unique, Unexpected, And Realistic Flavors

I’ve tried a lot of seltzers—organic and non-organic, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, generic and boutique brands, and just about everything in between. I figured I knew what to expect with Mirth’s seltzers, but I was wrong.

I was the most excited to try this flavor as I’m a huge fan of ginger and lemongrass, and this seltzer did not disappoint. The ginger is there but subtle, allowing the lemongrass to leave a bright, floral finish. This is a great way to satisfy the urge for a ginger ale without dealing with the syrupy aftertaste of most ginger sodas.

For those who like to add a little kick to their seltzers, Ginger & Lemongrass would pair beautifully with vodka, gin, or even limoncello. It’s lightly spiced, not too citrusy, and super refreshing.

The Grapefruit & Juniper seltzer was familiar and foreign all at once. You definitely get a healthy dose of grapefruit, but the juniper adds a distinct botanical sweetness that gives this light seltzer a taste reminiscent of a tangy sherbert punch or a childhood candy you can’t quite place. In a word, it’s amazing.

This seltzer was unlike any other grapefruit seltzer water I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a lot. The juniper offers a non-alcoholic hint of gin flavor for those who want the taste of the cocktail without the booze. (Or add the booze in there, too, I’m not judging you.)

Look, I’m going to be honest: I was not looking forward to this flavor. I’m by no means in the anti-mint-and-chocolate camp; I love a good mint choco chip cone now and then. But in a seltzer? I was incredulous at best, and as you could have probably guessed by Mirth’s track record thus far, I was proven wrong yet again.

I don’t know how to describe it other than crisp, sweet, and, yeah, a little peculiar. The mint isn’t very strong—it by no means feels like you’re chugging mouthwash. Meanwhile, the chocolate rounds out the mint flavor with a smooth, almost earthy finish.

It almost tastes like a Girl Scout Thin Mint while you’re sipping, but the seltzer’s flavor dissipates in a satisfying way after you swallow. Is it seltzer black magic? I’m leaning toward that being the only option.

Mirth Is In A Category Of Its Own

I was thoroughly impressed with each Mirth flavor. However, I must say Ginger & Lemongrass was my favorite (closely followed, to my surprise, by Mint & Chocolate). But what I loved equally about each was the classic seltzer flavor and mouthfeel. 

There was no acrid, artificial sweetener taste that coats the back of your tongue with each sip. Mirth’s seltzers fizzled and faded just like good seltzer should. In fact, it was hard for me to tell that Mirth had any sugar in it whatsoever. If I hadn’t looked at the calories (there are 15 per can, by the way), I would have assumed it was only water and flavoring.

A 12-pack of Mirth seltzer costs $29.99, and while that might be more than the 12-pack of generic seltzer at your grocery store, it’s also considerably tastier. Moreover, Mirth’s price reflects its use of natural ingredients and small business status. It has the price of—and tastes like—a high-quality boutique seltzer because it is

I’m officially a Mirth convert and can’t wait to wow my friends and family with a fridge fully stocked with unique, delicious seltzers over the holidays. Whether you’re new to the seltzer world or a bubbles aficionado, Mirth will certainly take you (and your taste buds) by surprise in the best way possible.

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