TreImage on the Rise as a Top Licensing Company for Corporate Brands


Brand licensing is one of the ways you can extend your brand’s reach and increase profit without taking on cost or risk. With brand licensing, you can earn money without investing in the production process, marketing, or distribution of the goods. It can also help you enter new markets. However, all this depends on the licensing agent.

With a licensing agent who has expansion in mind and wants to protect the brand’s image and reputation, it is easier to get all the benefits. Trelmage fully understands this and has made it their mission to ensure their client’s business is represented in the best way possible.

For over half a decade, Trelmage has been connecting businesses and creating multi-million dollar expansion programs for corporate brands and celebrities. The company’s approach to brand licensing, branding, and marketing as a whole has seen them become one of the leading licensing companies for corporate brands.

Trelmage has represented and still represents brands like SunMaid, Leaf Mobile, Hype Magazine, and Sunkist. Last year, Trelmage launched its first major food deal with Sunkist, landing four Sunkist salad dressings available at Walmart nationwide.

They have also worked with five-time Grammy winner Percy Miller, better known as Master P, Tonya Banks, and celebrated actor, hip-hop artist, author, and entrepreneur JaRule (Jeffrey Atkins). Trelmage added JaRule to its roster of licensing clients in late 2020 and has been working together since, helping him and others to secure more deals. Trelmage has secured several merchandise and toy deals for its celebrity clients.

According to Charles Singleton Jr., CEO of Trelmage, their goal is to continue helping companies scale by making brand licensing easier for brands and personalities. Charles Singleton Jr. has also been using this opportunity to encourage and motivate entrepreneurs, especially those getting started. Charles Singleton is the true definition of hard work, resilience, and determination. Charles rose from obscurity to become a celebrated serial entrepreneur and brand licensing agent, establishing one of the top bicoastal licensing and marketing firms.

Charles was a “ward of the state” for ten years. His mother was a victim of domestic violence, and when his parents split, Charles was in the custody of a public welfare agency. His mother managed to secure housing in the projects (Long Beach Villa) apartments on the east side of Long Beach, CA and appealed for custody. Unfortunately, Charles’ mother passed away, and he was all alone. Charles had graduated high school and joined a higher learning institution.

Charles Singletons holds several degrees in different fields. He has worked for other companies, including Miramar Brands Group, where he was the VP of Operations. He says his experience at the organization helped him learn more about licensing and branding, and he began thinking of starting his own business.

Trelmage is a minority advocate. Their mission is to support urban brands and artists as much as possible. Trelmage is leveraging its skills and knowledge to create marketing campaigns to generate new businesses for its customers and increase revenue. Through the partnership, their strategies extend the client’s products and services to new landscapes.

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