TrueBridge, New Nano Influencer Startup Powered by Text Messaging Goes Viral on Tik Tok

“We are just scratching the surface when it comes to Nano/Micro influencer marketing in the business world,” said the company’s CEO and Founder, Ryan Chen.

“A few undiscovered nano influencers have the same influence as someone with hundreds of thousands of followers. There is a massive disconnect in the influencer space and brands are paying the price with macro influencers who, let’s be honest, really don’t hold any purchasing power over their followers.”

TrueBridge is creating a revenue source for the thousands of undiscovered content creators who spend time on their social media platforms every day, too small to be noticed by agencies or brands.

TrueBridge, who is currently in the middle of a venture capital raise, is now operating influencer campaigns in multiple countries and says they are on track to onboard 3 million users by the end of this year.

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