Tucker Carlson Allegedly Having Breakdown After Firestorm Of Racism Allegations, Sketchy Insider Claims

Is Tucker Carlson on edge after his most recent controversy? One tabloid claims Carlson’s career is under new scrutiny, and the popular pundit can’t handle the heat. Here’s the latest gossip about Fox’s favorite personality.

‘Ranting’ Tucker Carlson ‘Flaming Out’?

This week’s edition of the Globe reports Tucker Carlson has pushed the envelope too far. The reporter has been accused of promoting white supremacist rhetoric on his show, and sources say the criticism is starting to weigh on Carlson. “He may be acting cool as a cucumber, but behind the scenes, all the drama is starting to get to him,” an insider confides. “He’s a nervous wreck and could be headed for a breakdown, which many believe would serve him right!”

The outlet notes that Carlson fears the controversy could “sink his career” despite sitting at the top of the network news food chain. “He comes across as a cocky SOB like he couldn’t care less about what people think of him,” the tipster remarks, “but others fear he’s on a one-way road to self-destruction.”

Tucker Carlson Headed For ‘Self-Destruction’?

While it’s impossible for us to say how Carlson is personally handling the controversy, we can say that the pundit has weathered worse storms. The reporter is under constant scrutiny for his horribly insensitive comments. Carlson’s inflammatory rhetoric is exactly what’s made him so popular—it’s precisely why he dominates cable news. And, unsurprisingly, his critics have already moved on to the next thing. Carlson has already buried the comments in question with a barrage of other provocative claims.

It seems like people are calling for Tucker Carlson’s head every other week. If Carlson hasn’t been shaken before, we don’t see how this time would be any different. At this point, the pundit is nearly untouchable; Fox News pays him to stay swamped in controversy, and it would take a lot more to get him on the chopping block. To pretend any different would require us to ignore Carlson’s climb to fame entirely, which we have no reason to do. As far as we’re concerned, this report isn’t worth dwelling on.

The Tabloid On Tucker Carlson

The Globe has been hovering over Tucker Carlson’s career for a while now. Last summer, the outlet reported Carlson was in danger of being fired after taking things too far at Fox News. Then the magazine claimed Carlson was working to sabotage Sean Hannity. Then the publication alleged Carlson was worrying his wife with his strange behavior. Obviously, the Globe isn’t really tuned in to Carlson’s personal life.