TV Gossip Says ‘Jeopardy!’ Producers Supposedly Begging Ken Jennings To Save Show Amid Plummeting Ratings

Are Jeopardy! producers hoping Ken Jennings can save the show from ratings ruin? According to one tabloid, the show is begging Jennings to return. Here’s the latest Jeopardy! gossip.

Ken Jennings Getting Big Payday For ‘Jeopardy!’ Return?

A recent report from the Globe reveals that Jeopardy! ratings have taken a major dip since Mayim Bialik was left to host the show on her own. And now, producers are apparently prepared to do whatever it takes to get Ken Jennings to hold the hosting cards again. The magazine notes that the popular game show’s ratings recently dipped below 5 million for the first time in months.

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“The terrible ratings have put Ken in a position of power and he’s playing a genius hand,” an insider dishes. “Even if Mayim gets the job full-time, they’ve made it clear they want Ken back in some capacity. They’re throwing all kinds of money and perks at him—but Ken’s playing hard to get! He can’t forget the way they treated him right after Alex Trebek died.”

Apparently, when producers failed to take Jennings seriously as a host in the early days of finding Trebek’s replacement, it soured things for the former Jeopardy! champ. “The way Ken sees it, they were lucky to get him, and producers didn’t support him enough,” the snitch confides. “There were complaints he was too awkward—but clearly fans prefer him to menacing Mayim! Ken’s telling friends he’ll consider an offer to return at least part-time but he also wants an apology!”

Ken Jennings Demanding Apology From ‘Jeopardy!’ Producers?

This tabloid is not in-the-loop when it comes to Jeopardy! news. First of all, Ken Jennings certainly wasn’t worried about apologies when he agreed to share hosting duties for the majority of the year. Jennings took his hosting duties in stride, and he hasn’t breathed a bad word about the crew or his fellow host Mayim Bialik. So, this nonsense about demanding apologies is completely unfounded.

Furthermore, Jennings wasn’t just ditching the show indefinitely so he could negotiate a bigger payday. He very cordially announced back in May that he was relinquishing hosting duties temporarily—likely for an undisclosed personal reason—but he promised to return before the end of the season.

And it doesn’t seem like there was any deception at play since he’s slated to make his return on July 18. The magazine’s complete omission of this information means it was either extremely lax on its research efforts, or it was purposefully trying to mislead its readers. Either way, we can’t trust its shoddy reporting on the state of Jeopardy!.

More ‘Jeopardy!’ Gossip From The Tabloids

This story is just a drop in the bucket when it comes to the tabloid gossip around Jeopardy!’s hosting situation. Back in March, the National Enquirer claimed Mayim Bialik was demanding her own $18 million pay raise for hosting the show. Then the very same tabloid claimed Bialik was secretly bad-mouthing Jennings behind the scenes. And more recently, the Globe published a dubious report claiming Bialik was being pushed out of the running for the show’s permanent host. Obviously, none of these tabloids have any insight into the future of the iconic game show.

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