Two Pageant Queens Secretly Dated And Got Married, Now They’ve Told The World

It’s a story straight out of a romantic comedy. Two pageant queens shocked the world last week when they announced that they not only had been secretly dating for years, but that they secretly tied the knot as well. Here’s what we know about Fabiola Valentín and Mariana Varela’s romance.

They Met At The Miss Grand International Competition

Before announcing their love to the world, Fabiola Valentín and Mariana Varela met at the 2020 Miss Grand International Competition in Thailand, representing Puerto Rico and Argentina respectively. Both women fared well in the competition, making it into the pageant’s top ten. Neither pageant queen advanced to the final five, but it’s clear meeting each other was the best prize they could have gotten out of the event.

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For two years, Valentín and Varela appeared to remain very close. It seemed like they never had a moment apart. They popped up on each other’s social media profiles constantly. For example, this photo Varela shared in August showed the couple dancing the night away.

They’ve even attended events together, and they’ve worn some stunning matching outfits.

However, despite their obvious love for each other, fans still assumed it was the love of two platonic best friends.

Fabiola Valentín And Mariana Varela Announce Marriage

That all changed after the secret couple announced they were actually married. The couple’s announcement, which they delivered in Spanish, translated to, “After deciding to keep our relationship private, we opened the doors to them on a special day.” They also announced that their wedding date was October 28.

In the post, the couple shared a compilation of images from their relationship that they had kept private all this time. There were plenty of PDA snaps, photos from beach trips, and even a video from their proposal. The special moment included balloons, rose petals, sushi, and two gorgeous diamond rings.

There was also a photo of a large gathering with the two women in their wedding outfits, making it look like their families have been supportive. In the final shot, the newlyweds can be seen standing outside of the city courthouse in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Their fellow Miss Grand contestants flooded the comments with their congratulations. The Miss Grand International Instagram page even shared its own congratulations post, writing “MGIO always support ‘LOVE’ without boundaries.”

We’re so glad that Valentín and Varela made the brave decision to share their love with the world. We wish them many, many years of happiness!

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