UNIQU Announces Creator Bundle for the Holiday Season


            UNIQU, a photography and lighting gadget brand, is pleased to announce the release of its newest product, the Creator Bundle.

            The brand is commonly known for its designs regarding video and photo producer gear. With a mission to ease the lives of those creating content, the company recently updated its line with a Creator Bundle– a collection of the brand’s most popular creation items.

The gadgets in the bundle are intended to help shoppers and producers to make higher-quality and more efficient content in a more timely, cost-effective, and minimal manner. The bundle will contain anything and everything the company believes its shoppers could need in order to make their best content, but for a bundle deal price. The product was designed with the broader UNIQU mission to ease the media creation process of customers by staying creatively and technologically up-to-date.

            One of the staples of the bundle is UNIQU Lighting Kits, which contain an iPhone holder and stand with other essentials like LED lights and angle flexibility. Often, the company claims, creatives will have issues with getting the right angle and the correct lighting, along with keeping the phone steady and held up correctly. The idea of this UNIQU product is to make it more efficient for those recording themselves yet still expecting great-quality footage.

The bundle will also contain a UNIQU Bag, Wireless Microphone compatible with a phone, two Photography Boards with a bracket, and a Clip-on-Light. UNIQU explains that professional and novice producers are meant to find the bundle gadgets helpful for filming inside and outside when lighting is low or the day is cloudy.

When the founders of the brand, Zara Ghaith and Odday Aboutrabbi, discovered that shoppers often had issues with bulky, expensive, and outdated equipment, they made it their vocation to help out and worked on finding solutions. They created UNIQU with a dedicated intention to stay informed on new technology for those they supply. Now, they hope for UNIQU to become the number one trusted brand for content creation tools.

“We see the bundle as the perfect opportunity to spread the word about our favorite products in a cheerful way and boost customers recording productivity,” claims Ghaith, excited at the idea of creators opening UNIQU bundle on Christmas.

UNIQU was founded in March of 2021. Along with the listed products, UNIQU has proven to be a trailblazer in helping fix more content creator crises with products like a Microphone Set, Multicolor RGB Fill Light, and more. Products range from $40 for a LED light to $2100 for an entire photo booth, the brand carrying everything a new or seasoned creator could need.

To learn more, visit the UNIQU website or follow them on Instagram @uniqu.us

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