Unreliable Source Says Julia Roberts Supposedly Panicked For Niece Emma After Messy Split

Is Julia Roberts worried for her niece Emma? One tabloid claims the American Horror Story actress’ recent night out has drawn concern from her famous aunt. Here’s what we know.

Julia Roberts ‘Fearing’ For Niece Emma?

Per New Idea, Emma Roberts’ recent wild night out in New Orleans didn’t fly under the radar as she might have hoped. Since splitting from her partner Garrett Hedlund just one year after welcoming their first child together, sources say her aunt Julia is concerned. “Julia is worried,” a rat spills to the tabloid. “To see Emma in pain, possibly trying to find love in all the wrong places, has set off serious alarm bells.”

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Julia has reportedly drifted apart from Emma’s father over the years due to his substance abuse issues, but sources say that’s never affected her relationship with Emma. “In the past couple of years, Julia and Emma have become very close,” the tipster muses. “Julia does think of her as a daughter.”

Emma Roberts Sets Off ‘Alarm Bells’?

While this report certainly makes it seem like Emma is going off the deep end, that just isn’t the case. It’s true that she had a night out on the town last month, but it seems to have been an isolated incident. We’d guess that the night was sorely needed since she has a newborn at home, and we seriously doubt any family members were wracked with worry. Emma is a 31-year-old woman, after all.

And we do know that Emma and Julia are close. So close, in fact, that we have a hard time believing Julia’s loved ones are gossiping to this random rag. The aunt-niece duo certainly seemed to have blast on Emma’s birthday earlier this year, and we have no reason to believe that their relationship has taken any turns since.

And after partying in New Orleans, Roberts seems to have cleaned up well and she’s back to work.

And while breakups are never easy for anyone, sources told People earlier this year that Emma and Hedlund were focusing on co-parenting their son. “It’s sad, and they are trying their best to co-parent,” an insider explained. So, inflammatory stories like these that frame Emma as out of control certainly aren’t helping anyone.

The Tabloid On Julia Roberts

We’re skeptical of anything New Idea says about Julia Roberts. Just last year, the outlet reported Julia was making a move on George Clooney. Then the magazine claimed Julia Roberts was taking a “make-or-break” trip to Australia with her husband. And most recently, the publication claimed Julia’s marriage was in crisis after a series of fights. Clearly, New Idea isn’t a reliable source anywhere Roberts or her family is concerned.

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