Unverified Insider Says Jennifer Lopez Supposedly Battling Jennifer Garner Against Ben Affleck’s Wishes

Is Jennifer Lopez not getting along with Ben Affleck‘s ex-wife Jennifer Garner? One tabloid claims the Jennifers just can’t play nice. Let’s check in on the blended family.

Jennifer Lopez Causing Major Family Drama?

The latest edition of the Globe reports Ben Affleck has hit a roadblock as he continues trying to blend his family with Jennifer Lopez’s. While the pop star has no trouble getting along with his kids, sources say she just can’t play nice with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. And now, it’s apparently starting to cause problems in their relationship.

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“Ben knows they’ll never be one big happy blended foursome, but he’d appreciate it if J.Lo wasn’t so bitchy and disinterested in any type of interaction with Jen and her man,” an inside source spills. Apparently, Lopez is extremely insecure about Affleck’s friendship with Garner. “Whenever he nips off to pick the kids up and stay for a coffee, he comes back to the third degree from J.Lo!” the tipster charges.

“It’s embarrassing for Ben, who has to come up with an explanation, which always sounds lame, and they both know it’s because J.Lo can’t tolerate Jen in the same house.” But the snitch insists Garner is far more understanding. “Garner is quite content in her life post-divorce and finds it sad and impolite that J.Lo can’t see that, but she’s not one to rise to the bait!” the insider concludes.

Lopez Being ‘Impolite’ Towards Garner?

After finding out that this report isn’t based on a shred of genuine evidence, it’s clear it was published with horribly offensive and sexist intentions. The outlet is quite transparent in its efforts to make Jennifer Lopez seem like a total diva that was never going to be able to get along with Affleck’s ex-wife. But considering Lopez is an adult woman with an ex-husband of her own that she co-parents with, we’re sure she’s confident enough to play nice with Jennifer Garner.

But what we’re really skeptical of is the notion that any of Lopez and Affleck’s friends would ever dish this kind of hurtful information to the tabloid. Truly, this story wouldn’t look good for anyone involved if it were true. So, how are we supposed to believe that anyone close to the family would share it with the tabloid? Surely they’d understand that Affleck’s children are really the ones caught in the middle here, and any kind of drama would be bad for the whole family unit.

The Tabloid On Ben Affleck

We’ve learned not to take the Globe‘s reporting on Ben Affleck seriously. Last year, the outlet claimed Affleck and Lopez were on the verge of calling it quits because the actor apparently didn’t want Lopez anywhere near his film sets. But then the publication claimed Affleck was “fuming with jealousy” over Lopez working with other men. And lastly, the magazine reported Lopez was barrelling past her and Affleck’s $1 million wedding budget. So, we’re hesitant to believe anything the publication write about the famous actor and his significant others.

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