Using the SPY to Our Advantage, 3 Fresh Ideas


SPY Puts Surge: 

Once again yesterday, the markets losses are our gains. Our lone options trading idea for the day focused upon a dim view of the SPY, and with another precipitous decline for stocks, we hit the nail right on the head. This is among the reasons why our readers see SPY plays in our newsletters on a highly regular basis, as it tends to be easier to predict the actions of the markets as a whole than it is do so the same for just one. The SPY also sees a lot of intraday volatility which can often lead to opportunities on both sides of the fence in a single session.

In terms of yesterday morning, due to a bit of a drought of earnings reporters, our premarket report contained only one idea, which was the SPY 06/13 $385-383 Puts. Those targets offered up the chance at the following really nice intraday profit chances:

 SPY 06/13 $385-383 Puts
$385: 4.24-11.01 (+160%)
$384: 3.46-10.50 (+203%)
$383: 2.84-9.67 (+240%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
ORCL Weekly $70-72.50 Calls
COP Weekly $110-112 Calls
FERG Weekly $100-110 Calls

ProText Mobility, Inc. TXTM – Recap:

We also wanted to provide a quick recap on the run in TXTM yesterday. We last flagged this play for observation in an extended watchlist a few weeks back, subsequent to which the stock was trading for as little as .0016. Yesterday, on an immense amount of volume, the stock surged as high as .0049, which marks a 206% swing over our observed low.

Extended Watchlist:


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