‘Vetting’ the Best Blockchain Projects with Vetter: Giving You A Better Chance to Win in DeFi


The community leaders at Vetter Ecosystem want opportunities to be plentiful for investors of all backgrounds. With so many early-stage blockchain projects to get into, it’s hard to know which ones are promising and which ones are not worthy of your research-time. Vetter’s cutting-edge tools and expertise is what sets the community project apart from the competition and maintains long-lasting trust from community members — who all want nothing more than to gather the resources they need to make informed decisions.

Vetter Ecosystem vets early-stage blockchain projects, utilizing the team’s experience to properly select only the most-promising of projects that investors can take pride in backing, by ensuring projects are backed by community-set standards and benchmarks for excellence.

Giving investors the tools they need to make proper decisions on their own, the Vetter Platform officially launched its gamified CrowdX platform in 2021. With resources like the Vetter Tracker, anyone participating in early-stage blockchain projects can organize a watchlist of projects they want to back, as well as monitor the ones they are already invested in. Here, investors also get notifications on launch dates, details and if any changes are made to current or upcoming projects. It ultimately allows one to stay updated and current.

“You don’t need a Ph.D. to succeed in the decentralized finance space,” said community-elected advisor, Robyn Linn. “The time you take to improve your financial situation using Vetter Platform’s dApp is minuscule compared to how long it would take in any other industry to sort for projects worthy of your time.”

Introducing the Vetter Skylabs Launchpad $VSL Token

The Vetter Ecosystem is proud to be launching the presale of the Vetter Skylabs ($VSL) Token on August 21st, 2022 at 7pm UTC, which will be limited to 1,000 whitelist spots.

Skylabs is powered by the native BEP-20 token, and houses two launchpads Skylabs and Vsale. $VSL will be launched on the Vsale platform — and stakers will have plenty of perks for accessing only the best opportunities in DeFi.

Stakers of $VSL get guaranteed allocations in exclusive projects launching on the Skylabs Launchpad, as well as royalties from shared revenue generated from the VSL buy-sell tax at both launchpads, Skylabs and Vsale.

The Skylabs Launchpad will guarantee allocation to all stakers of the $VSL token, while investors can expect 100% of the buy tax and 20% of generated revenue from both launchpads, including Vsale, will go back to them.

Skylabs will spotlight top-tier projects that meet nothing but the highest of standards; including projects of proven developers who demonstrate strong business models, who know how to manage a team, and develop revenue streams. Selected projects meet innovation and competitive market positionings, and show strong fundamentals and a clear path to revenue.

“This community is one that supports sovereignty,” said Linn. “Many crypto communities can feel chaotic or ‘hypey’ rather than unifying. Vetter’s community brings to the forefront innovative blockchain-based, Web3 research to people’s hands in the most empowering way.”

The tokenomics of the VSL token is deflationary, which means tokens cannot be minted and there is a burn procedure to decrease supply over time. New tokens cannot be added to the circulation to pay other contributors.

The $VSL token is also non-custodial and, as a result, will be staked safely and securely in smart contracts, controlled by stakers (2 CertiK Audits).

“What happened with Terra Luna and Voyager makes for a great opportunity to finally get people’s attention and teach them that custodial staking is super risky, but non-custodial staking is not,” said Vetter Community Advisor  Mike Klingler. “We have non-custodial staking, which means no individuals, no team, nobody can come in and prevent investors from withdrawing their tokens or investing them somewhere else. It’s decentralized, so it stays between the staker and the smart contract, which is the way it’s supposed to be.”

About Vetter Ecosystem

Skylabs Launchpad VSL, a project developed by Community Leaders for Vetter Ecosystem, is a new token launching on their second and very own launchpad, VSale. It is a platform that teaches, empowers, and audits new tokens through community-led research. Vetter Ecosystem has been featured in Bloomberg, Nasdaq, and Yahoo! Finance. For more information, please visit https://vetter.ai/

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