Viola Davis Lands Dream Role As Warrior General In ‘The Woman King’

It looks like movie-goers aren’t the only ones excited to see The Woman King, an upcoming movie about a real-life group of female warriors from the Republic of Dahomey. The film’s star, Viola Davis, recently revealed that her role in the movie was a dream come true. 

Davis: ‘I Dreamed I Could Be In A Movie Like This’

The Woman King’s official Instagram account shared a behind-the-scenes video featuring interviews with the cast and crew. When talking about her starring role, Davis was extremely enthusiastic. 

“In my dream as an actor, I dreamed I could be in a movie like this,” the Oscar-winner shared. The Woman King tells the story of the Agojie, an all-female army that protects the kingdom of Dahomey. Davis plays General Nanisca, who must train her army to fight an enemy that wants to destroy their way of life. 

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“These were women who took great pride in being this military unit,” Davis continued. “That’s what made people revere them.” The movie’s director, Gina Prince-Bythewood, was equally passionate about the movie’s subject matter. 

‘The Woman King’ Director And Davis Worked For Years To Make The Movie

“To learn that there was this true story; a female army that legit protected their kingdom, that legit beat men,” she marveled. “It’s like, why didn’t I know this when I was a little girl? They were the ultimate warriors.”

Davis and Prince-Bythewood are clearly passionate about The Woman King, and both have described the long journey to getting the movie made. They initially started talking about making this movie in 2015. 

“The part of the movie that we love is also the part of the movie that is terrifying to Hollywood, which is, it’s different, it’s new,” Davis told The Hollywood Reporter. “We don’t always want different or new, unless you have a big star attached, a big male star. We didn’t have that going on for The Woman King. [Hollywood studios] like it when women are pretty and blond or close to pretty and blond. All of these women are dark. And they’re beating the sh*t out of men. So there you go.”

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Both Davis and Prince-Bythewood see The Woman King as a movie for all audiences across the world, and are excited for it to finally hit the big screen. “I’ve been in the business for over 33 years,” Davis shared. “I worked hard to be at this place. Nothing was ever given to me. Work begets work, and then you get your The Woman King.” Fans can’t wait to see Davis light up the big screen in this action movie! 

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