Watch Danica McKellar And Neal Bledsoe Lip Sync To ‘Grease’ On The Set Of New Christmas Movie From Great American Family

It looks like the stars of Great American Family’s upcoming Christmas movies are having an amazing time on set! Danica McKellar and Neal Bledsoe just posted a video of themselves lip-synching to a Grease hit as part of an ongoing dance challenge for the network’s stars. 

Danica McKellar And Neal Bledsoe Compete In Great American Family Dance Challenge

“Oh hey, #GreatAmericanFamily Christmas Movie Dance Wars… Neal and I got something new for ya… a musical!” McKellar captioned the video. “Let’s be clear, we have been extremely impressed with the content from our fellow @gactv stars currently shooting @gactv Christmas movies…But we couldn’t resist a little Grease, seeing as how we are shooting a movie about an old fashioned 1950’s style drive-in!”

The video, set to “Summer Lovin’,” shows McKellar and Bledsoe lip-syncing and dancing. The pair “sing” into drive-in speakers and twirl around the set, while crew members provide some back-up lip-sync vocals. 

Bringing Back ‘That Nostalgic Christmassy Feeling’

The pair are set to star in Christmas at the Drive-In, which will premiere Thanksgiving weekend. “Christmas at the Drive-In will take fans back in time as an old-fashioned drive-in faces demolition, and my character becomes determined to save it and restore it to its previous glory,” McKellar said of the upcoming holiday movie. “My opponent? The owner of the drive-in, who just so happens to be my old childhood sweetheart, played by Neal Bledsoe.” 

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She continued, “Neal is one of my favorite co-stars—we had a great time with our last movie for Great American Family, The Winter Palace, and we’re excited to join forces again to bring our fans a heartwarming, entertaining story filled with that nostalgic Christmassy feeling we all love so much.”

Great American Family Stars Compete In Dance Battle

This is just the latest installment in the Great American Family network’s dance challenge. In a recent Instagram story, Candace Cameron Bure explained, “For those of you who haven’t been following Great American Family’s Story, there’s kind of been a dance-off between Danica McKellar and Neal Bledsoe, then Jen Lilley and Jesse Hutch.”

She continued, “Then they invited me and Marc Blucas. And now I have tagged Andrea Barber and Dan Payne, to get into these dance wars that are hopefully going to just end today, ‘cuz I don’t think any of us have time to do any more dance wars. We actually have to make movies.”

The actors have posted videos of themselves showing off their best moves, from ballroom dancing, to a truly impressive Dirty Dancing-style lift. Fans of Great American Family’s Christmas films are loving this behind-the-scenes content and can’t wait for these movies to hit their screens! 

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