Weighted Leggings Can Up Your Calorie Burn And Help Build Muscle

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You’ve probably heard of the benefits of adding weight training to your workout routine. Resistance and weight training can help protect your joints, prevent injury, and increase endurance. Plus, we lose muscle mass as we age, making these types of workouts even more vital.

Luckily, you don’t have to throw around heavy weights or join a CrossFit class to engage your muscles. Even a little resistance can increase the effectiveness of your preferred exercise routine. 

There are several ways to incorporate weights into your regimen. You’ve likely seen the weighted vests, belts, and ankle weights at the gym. There is also a much more clever (and stylish) way: weighted leggings.

Whether you’re a serious athlete or are just starting on your wellness journey, weighted leggings could make all the difference in your walk around the block, cardio class, or yoga practice.

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These high-waisted weighted leggings come with 12 removable weights totaling three pounds. You can distribute the weights evenly throughout the six pockets on each leg.

The weights are thin and flexible, making the leggings comfortable and streamlined. Each “weight thin” weighs only a quarter of a pound and is embedded with tiny ball bearings. The weights aren’t bulky and they won’t poke or protrude from the leggings.

The proprietary fabric blend in the leggings is durable, fits snuggly, and offers sturdy support. It also features a flat tie drawstring for a custom fit.

According to the company’s size guide, an extra-small will fit a waist circumference of 25 inches, while a large fits a 31-inch waist. The lack of larger sizing is a downside, but do note that the fit is to be snug to keep the weights secure. Additionally, the inseam on all sizes is 24.5 inches, so for taller gals, the leggings may be more of a crop style than full length.

However, customers love the quality, functionality, and concept of the weighted leggings.

“In order to be more efficient with my daily walking, I decided to get weight resistance workout leggings, one reviewer wrote. “The minute I put them on I felt the difference; I knew that this would be a quality item … I most certainly felt the difference on my morning walk; normally when I reach the 1st mile I start sweating, but I was sweating before I hit that 1-mile mark.”

“These leggings are great!” another reviewer echoed. “Very easy to put the weights in, easy to put on, great fit, very stretchy, and comfortable. Perfect for exercising, highly recommend!”

Whether you’re looking to up your game at the gym or just want to burn extra calories while cleaning the house, weighted leggings could be the perfect solution for you.

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