We’re Still Not Sure Why Al Roker Has Been Missing From ‘Today’


Fans of the TODAY show have been worried about a noticeable absence from the morning show: where is Al Roker? His wife recently took to Instagram to reassure fans, but it’s still unclear what, exactly, is keeping him off the air. 

Roker’s Wife Tells Fans He’s ‘OK’

Roker has been missing from the TODAY show desk for a few weeks now, and his fans were starting to worry. Some thought he might just be on vacation, but others expressed concern about his health. 

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Luckily, his wife Deborah was able to shed a little light on the situation. She posted about a new project she’s working on for Good Morning America’s book club and, while she didn’t say anything about Roker, fans took the opportunity to ask about her husband. 

One person wrote, “Is Al Roker ill? Hasn’t been on Instagram or on the Today show. Worried.” Deborah replied, “Ahh thanks for this. He’s a bit under the weather but ok.” The original poster responded, “that’s good to hear. Wishing him a speedy recovery.”

Other fans expressed their own well-wishes. “Tell Al, I’ve really missed him and hope he is on the mend!” someone wrote. Another commented, “Love your posts but missing Al on the Today Show. Hope he’s okay.”

Fans Beg Roker To Come Back: ‘You Are Missed’

Deborah’s response to one concerned fan did let people know what was going on with Roker, but the severity of his illness has not been disclosed. TODAY viewers are happy he’s okay, but are ready for him to return to the air. 

Roker has been posting on Instagram in his absence, and fans have been filling his comment section with pleas for him to come back on the air.

“Where are you Al? You are missed,” one fan wrote under a video promoting his upcoming episode of The More You Know. Another said, “Al…… I watch the Today show because of you. Hurry back.”

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“Missing you Al Roker and trust all is well,” someone commented. “We miss you Al! Today show is NOT the same with out you,” someone else wrote.

There is no word yet on when Roker will come back to the TODAY show, but it looks like his fans are anxiously awaiting his return!

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