What Did You Just Say? These 4 Zodiac Signs Are The Worst Listeners

The Zodiac influences every aspect of our being, from the mundane to hugely significant. It highlights our strengths and weaknesses, whether emotional or mental. This even includes one’s listening skills. 

Being a good listener is an undervalued skill that notably impacts interpersonal relationships. Our listening ability directly affects our capacity for empathy, understanding, and problem-solving. 

And, according to the cosmos, these four signs are particularly bad at it.

Gemini: Drowned Out By Their Inner Voice

Woman covering ears, blocking out negative thoughts

Gemini is a chronic people-pleaser. Paired with their social butterfly tendencies, they spend a considerable amount of time talking with (and trying to impress) others. Despite their chattiness, they struggle in the other half of communication: listening. 

Of course, this isn’t necessarily because Gemini doesn’t care. In fact, it’s usually the opposite. They’re so concerned with what the other person might be thinking that they fail to listen to what they’re actually saying. It’s nothing against the other party—it’s just hard to drown out the sound of their inner voice. 

This is typically only a problem when Gemini is around people they aren’t quite comfortable with. Once their guard is down and their inner voice quiets, they’re better equipped to listen, analyze, and empathize.

Virgo: Why Listen When I Know I’m Right?

Woman yelling into megaphone

Virgo is a skilled problem-solver and an incredibly devoted worker. They have no problem taking up other people’s causes, even if their plate is already overflowing. These pragmatic, hard-working signs typically have good intentions. However, it doesn’t readily come across that way. 

Instead, Virgo can seem pushy and overbearing. They’ll hear a small fraction of what another person has to say and then fill the rest in themselves. Why listen when you know you’re going to be right, right? So, Virgo just tunes them out. 

This certainly doesn’t stop them from sharing their two cents on the matter, though. Virgo will share their opinion with or without the full information (read: whether or not they were paying attention). 

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Aquarius: Too Bored, Can’t Listen

Woman daydreaming, walking down road with back turned

Aquarius is a creative and charming individual. Their eccentric personality makes them incredibly attractive to others, and their worldly presence can lead others to confide in them. However, they might be disappointed to find that Aquarius is more aloof than most think.

It’s not that Aquarius doesn’t care, per se; it’s just…they’re really bored. These rebellious souls don’t take kindly to staying in the same place for too long. Repeated rants, endless venting, and circular talking get under Aqua’s skin. 

Because they’re not inclined to follow the status quo, they’re also not inclined to power through tedious convos out of politeness. They’ll either change the subject or find a way to get out of the interaction altogether.

Pisces: Party Unavailable

Woman with jumbled thoughts
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Of all the Zodiac signs, Pisces is by far the most stuck in their head. These sentimental, intuitive signs practically live inside their imaginations. As a result, it can be difficult for them to fully listen to what’s going on in the real world.

It doesn’t take much for Pisces to zone out completely. They are kind souls and innovative dreamers. And, much like Gemini, they’re also prone to bouts of insecurity. Whether they’re daydreaming or ruminating depends on the day. But one thing is certain: They’re definitely not listening. 

Ironically, when Pisces does focus their attention on any one thing, they tend to be a creative and inspiring confidant. It might take a few finger snaps and repeats to get them there, though.

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