What Happened To Alanis Morissette’s Dognapping Lawsuit?

It seems like celebrities are always getting pulled into weird lawsuits, but a 2014 case involving Alanis Morissette stirred up more questions than answers. So, what was the end result of the conundrum between Morissette, her housekeeper, and an allegedly kidnapped dog?

Morissette Accused Housekeeper Of Dognapping

In 2014, the singer’s husband filed a lawsuit against her former house manager, Maria Garcia, and her partner, who worked as a dog walker for the couple. The $25,000 suit alleged that Garcia had kidnapped the couple’s dog, a chihuahua-pug mix named Circus, in retaliation for being fired. 

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Garcia hit back, claiming that Morissette had asked her to take the dog because she was allergic to it and because she couldn’t deal with the fact that it kept going to the bathroom indoors. 

According to TMZ, an email from Garcia to Morissette showed that the housekeeper did email the couple after she lost her job to ask if she could take ownership of Circus. Meanwhile, Morissette’s suit claimed Garcia had asked if she could have Circus as “severance.”

A month after filing, Morissette and her husband dropped the lawsuit “because Circus is now safe and sound” at home. While it’s unclear what exactly went on between the singer, her housekeeper, and the dog, some think there was some truth to Garcia’s claim that Morissette no longer wanted the dog. 

One anonymous comment argues that Morissette allegedly got rid of the dog due to its social problems and only initiated the lawsuit when the dog supposedly starting doing better away from the singer. The user also raised questions about Garcia’s treatment in the media and the language used in the case. Unsurprisingly, given Garcia’s comments about being unable to afford to fight the matter in court, it makes sense why the case didn’t make it far.

Where Is Circus Today?

Morissette’s supporters point to the fact that the singer still has Circus and seems to have no plans to get rid of the dog. The most recent mention we found was a 2020 Instagram post in which Morissette wrote, “#internationaldogday#iloveyoucircus” under a photo of her two pets. Whatever the truth is, it seems like Circus is happy and healthy—and still with Morissette. 

This isn’t the first time Alanis Morissette has had trouble with her staff. In 2013, she was sued by Bianca Cambeiro, a former night nanny, for $130,000 over alleged work abuse that included long shifts with no breaks and no overtime pay. The suit sought $30,000 for overtime wages and $100,000 in damages, with Cambeiro saying she was required to work seven days a week multiple times and often denied meal or rest breaks during 12-hour shifts.

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