What Happened To ‘Pawn Stars’ Original Weapons Expert Sean Rich?


If you’re a fan of Pawn Stars, you probably know just how exciting it is when they have to consult an expert while evaluating particularly obscure antiques. The Pawn Stars experts are at the top of their game, and they often will re-appear throughout the seasons to help the main trio get as accurate an assessment as possible. So, when weapons expert Sean Rich mysteriously stopped appearing on the show, fans noticed.

He First Disappeared In Season Four

Sean Rich was an often-recurring expert on Pawn Stars from the show’s conception and quite a popular one at that. He was a hit with the viewers with many pinpointing his contagious excitement for antique weapons as the thing that set him apart. Despite his popularity, he mysteriously stopped appearing on the show in 2011. Plenty of fans took to the internet to find out where he was.

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Fans wanted to know for good reason. Aside from his success on the show, he also served as an antique weapons expert on movie sets like Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean films. Many of the weapons used in the movies were genuine antiques either leased or purchased from Rich himself. It was clear that Rich wasn’t someone that a show like Pawn Stars would want to just walk away. As it turns out, that was exactly the problem.

He Didn’t Want To Be Tied Down

Noticing his value to Pawn Stars, producers allegedly approached Rich with a contract requiring him to appear exclusively on Pawn Stars and the History Channel’s other programs. According to Rich, he didn’t want the restrictions.

“[The contract would] lock me down, control me, my business, future, my appearance, how I make a living to provide for my family,” Rich said at the time.

Instead, he went to National Geographic to host and star in the series Lords of War. However, his time on Pawn Stars wouldn’t end there. Two years after his initial departure, Rich returned to Pawn Stars in 2014. He continued to serve as a weapons expert for two more years before departing yet again in 2016.

He Decided To Strike Out On His Own

Rich didn’t appear on camera quite as often from there on out, but he never stopped pursuing his passion. It doesn’t seem like he left on bad terms from Pawn Stars this time around but instead desired to branch out. He set up an antique weapons exhibit at Palm Springs ComicCon called “Sean Rich Traveling Museum” in 2017. He served as a consulting producer on the Discovery Channel’s Master of Arms.

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Then, he teamed up with Disney once again to provide antique weapons for Jungle Cruise. As of now, his website says he founded his own production company, Tortuga Productions, LLC., and plans to create his own TV shows. There’s also a note that the COVID-19 pandemic has delayed his original plans. We have to hope that things are still in motion for the weapons expert, and he’ll get to share even more of his expertise with the world in the future.

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